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  1. To whom it may concern, Due to the reasoning you have provided (de-sync) we don't believe the court is the appropriate body to resolve this issue instead we may refer you to the government. In future if you believe there is a clerical issue regarding strikes we would advise you to contact a member of PTD or the prosecutions team directly in order for a quick resolution. Lastly for administrative convenience and common courtesy please bring the matter forwards straight away rather than leave it for 2 months. Regards, Sergeant Jake Pawar Prosecutor New South Wales Polic
  2. To Whom it may concern, The New South Wales police force request the case be dismissed immediately due to the plaintiff not following up with the manor in a suitable amount of time. Regards, Sergeant Jake Pawar Prosecutor New South Wales Police Force
  3. your a mad lad

  4. Welcome back! Hope you have a great experience
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