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  1. See the attached document https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/906719605731491870/921370678605787136/hlres.pdf
  2. This matter has been awaiting response from the DOJ for over a week, does the DOJ intend to respond or has Mr. Powers been denied a trial?
  3. With regards to the booking above, the NSWPF has no objection to the criminal charges being heard before the courts.
  4. Mr. Powers, Before I an issue a formal response to this on behalf of the NSWPF, I have noticed some issues with your submission to the court. Given that you appear to be representing yourself, I have outlined these issues below along with my advice on how you could possibly fix these issues. The main issue is that you are discussing your legal argument in this submission. You are only required (and advised) to say what charges you are contesting and when you were charged with them (if you have that information). Any statements or testimony you provide in this boo
  5. To whom it may concern, The NSWPF would like conformation from the DOJ that the case being contested is the armed robbery of a store change that was heard on the 13th of this month. Regards, Inspector Arthur Johnson
  6. To whom it may concern, The New South Wales Police Force vehemently opposes the defence’s motion for a retrial. Below, I will outline our responses to the points raised by Mrs Rose and will raise some others to support our position. Point 1: “Judge Selection, Partial to ruling verdict” Mrs Rose argues that since it was revealed during the proceeding that Judge Masters authorised one of the warrants relevant to the case, it could be argued that he did not provide a fair and impartial trial. I would remind Mrs Rose and the court that the wa
  7. Mr. Paxton, The NSWPF will require some clarification on what charge your client actually wishes to context. Mr. Hooper has committed a large number of offenses, many of them that could be the one in question. To assist you, a copy of Mr. Hooper's record has been provided, with the charges that may be the one in question highlighted. Please respond as soon as it is possible for you to do so. Regards, Inspector Arthur Johnson Prosecutor New South Wales Police Force https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/884329817577766962/885109161556332564/Cri
  8. Dear Judge Chris Pierce & Mr Jason Spitzer, The New South Wales Police Force does not believe that this case should proceed to a trial. Within the Law Book, it states that individuals and their legal representatives have seven(7) days to contest a charge. The date that Mr Spitzer was charged was the 22nd of August 2021 and lodged this booking a full thirteen(13) days after this. The NSWPF generally advises officers to hold evidence for a week and we believe as such that any evidence relating to this matter has most likely been destroyed. Unless Mr Spitzer can prove that there wer
  9. Dear Mrs. Rose & Mr. Masters, The New South Wales Police Force acknowledges receipt of this booking and look forward dates for discovery, any pre-trial hearings and the trial being set. I can confirm that the video Mrs. Rose is requesting does exist and will be provided to the defense by the discovery date. Regards, Inspector Arthur Johnson Prosecutor New South Wales Police Force.
  10. Dear Mr. Paxton or Whomever else it may concern, The New South Wales Police Force acknowledges receipt of this court booking but would like to point out some administrative errors that we believe should be addressed before this issue is further considered. The claim made raises both criminal (the criminal charges laid against Mr. Hooper) and civil issues (accusations of excessive force and claims for damages resulting from said excessive force). These are entirely separate matters and can not be heard in the same court. The NSWPF Prosecutors Service advises Mr. Pax
  11. @Penthrox I believe that @Curescan confirm for you that the NSWPF is settling this matter out of court with Mr Langley and this trial will no longer be required.
  12. To Whom it may concern, Please find a statement from the NSWPF regarding this appeal attached letter
  13. This is a fantastic cause and you have an awesome selection of charities for the community to choose from! Great to see this, will definitely be opening up my wallet on Saturday :D.
  14. Goliath2093


    Hi everyone, I generally go buy the name Goliath, not sure what I am going to use on the server yet. Whether you know me from other servers or things or we haven't had any interactions (yet), I look forward to meeting and having a good time with you all.
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