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Alexis's Court Booking

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Alexis's Court Booking
Application ID #9898
Submitted on 08/30/21 at 01:44:30 AM

Plaintiff Steam Name
Plaintiff Name
Dimitri Papadopoulos
Defendant Name
My Client Dimitri
Dimitri Papadopoulos was recently taken into custody at their place of work.
At approximately 10:45pm on Tuesday the 24th of August 2021.
Two officers were present during the detainment of my Client.
Detectives Finlay Little and Detective Ernesto Pinto.
Their justification for detainment is a charge against my client having committed the crime of accessory to murder. The time of this crime was approximately 10:30pm the day prior on Monday the 23rd of August 2021.

Crime Scene
The scene follows a police convoy used in the transportation of a detained individual. The police convoy was moving from Paleto PD to Mission Row PD for processing. During the trip, the police convoy entered the tunnel just to the north of Grapeseed where a number of vehicles blocked and ambushed the southern exit. During the ambush, the assailants became hostile and casualties amassed.

Charges Alleged
-Accessory to Murder of a Government Employee
-Obstruction of Justice

Police Conversation - Paleto PD
11:00pm 24th of August 2021
Investigating the claim, I was informed that my clients vehicle was seen at the scene of a crime on a body camera that continued to roll post mortem on one of the officers that was shot in this altercation.

Since a vehicle at the scene of a crime may indicate that it may have been involved, it does not mean that it was used in the crime, furthermore a vehicle is not a person, and it alone does not supply evidence that my client was at the scene of the crime, as it is claimed.

Inquiring further, the detectives claimed that my client was also seen to closely resemble my client on body camera.

Dimitri Papadopoulous owns a business and was present at the time of the crimes alleged against him.
Multiple eye witnesses place him at his workplace.
Presence of a personal vehicle at a place where a crime has taken place does not imply personal involvement.

Subpoena Request
Evidence used to indict my client including the Body Camera Footage relating to the incident as it was recorded, at the time of 10:30pm Monday the 23rd of August 2021.

All Charges Expunged
Compensation for Wrongful Charges

Pending court decision.

Kind Regards,

Alana Rose
Lawyer DOJ

Do you confirm all information provided is the truth to the best of your knowledge?

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Dear Mrs. Rose & Mr. Masters,

The New South Wales Police Force acknowledges receipt of this booking and look forward dates for discovery, any pre-trial hearings and the trial being set. I can confirm that the video Mrs. Rose is requesting does exist and will be provided to the defense by the discovery date.


Inspector Arthur Johnson


New South Wales Police Force.

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