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FiveM Version 2.4.0 Developer Blog

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Welcome to the long version of the 2.4 update change-log. Before I dive into the changes, I'd like to thank @Delexicalfor his contribution to our project. He may not have been with us for too long. However, he still devoted a reasonable amount of time to the development of our FiveM server. With that being said, I would just like to re-iterate that all of our game developers, may they be scripters, map developers, or vehicle developers are volunteers. They are not paid for their contribution to our community due to FiveM community restrictions, so please send some praise their way if you enjoy their work, it definitely boosts motivation.

Numerous optimisations for all scripts

Major updates have been made to how many scripts operate to reduce the load on the server and the client. This may not be very apparent due to strange GTA 5 bottle-necking during normal play, but should result in a smoother gaming experience and much fewer frame drops or hiccups. It will also be more obvious in situations where your client is under a lot of extra load.

Numerous map objects have been replaced (see list further down) to remove the less optimised current objects, this should reduce the texture loss issues around certain locations too.

Player Action Menu Update (Tilde menu)

The player action menu has received a functional and cosmetic update. In future updates, we plan on moving all job functions that were previously available in the list menus to this menu, this should hopefully make things more user friendly. For this update, Police, EMS, and Mechanics have had their list menu functions largely ported over. We have also added functions that have been requested many times. This should hopefully aid in managing prisoners and people who are incapacitated. We have also added two ways of opening the menu, first, simply pressing the tilde key will open the root menu. Secondly, if you hold the tilde key for one second, it will skip the root menu and open the job actions (for more user friendly access).

Below is a list of what has been added (please note that these actions will be in their respective categories in the menu itself):

  • Force player into a vehicle (if restrained)
  • Force player out of a vehicle (if restrained)
  • Force player into the boot (if restrained)
  • Force player out of the boot (if restrained)
  • Drag player (if restrained)
  • Unflip vehicle
  • Check ID (Police/EMS only)
  • Search a player (Police only)
  • Ticket a player (Police only)
  • Manage a players licenses (Police only)
  • Open the corrections menu (Police only)
  • Impound vehicle (Police and Mechanics only)
  • Seize vehicle (Police only)
  • Open medical records (EMS only)
  • Clean Vehicle (Mechanic only)
  • Send a bill (Mechanic only).

New Emergency Light System

The current emergency light system is being replaced. We are now going to be utilising a simpler and more optimised version of emergency lights as GTA 5 intended them to be used. As it currently stands, having more than three emergency services vehicles in one area causes massive frame loss, hence why we have decided to make the change. With this update, we have had to find replacement vehicles for our fleet. Some models will remain the same. However, other models had to be removed due to their incompatibility with our new system. Rest assured a lot of the classics remain, and a few fun new vehicles have been added. Each department will release updated vehicle documentation concerning the details of the new fleet.

Police CAD Updates

The Police CAD has received a moderate update to how it operates. As we've been creating, modifying, and fixing related CAD/Police functions, we have decided to move a lot of content over to the CAD itself. Below is a shortlist of new and ported features:

  • Priority cooldown has been entirely redone and is now controlled with various buttons
  • Backup codes are now exclusively controlled with various buttons
  • High priority backup codes will now automatically be added as a call, subsequent updates to location should utilise the "Update location" button instead of a new call for backup (to avoid duplicates)
  • A simple wanted list had been added as a new CAD page. When looking up a civilian, you may add them to the wanted list. If a player is wanted, and their ID is searched by an officer, they will be prompted with noticeable red text on their profile that they are wanted. Officers can view everybody on the wanted list in the new wanted list tab
  • Officers can now add and remove criminal records remotely
  • When looking up a vehicle number plate, officers will be prompted if that particular vehicle has been reported stolen (more on this in the vehicle update section)
  • A new notification system has been added for the CAD to utilise, this should be clean and easy to see.

Further Police Updates

We have also ported the functionality of some menu action to items. Below is a list of actions that are now handled with items. In some instances, this can be handy as the hot bar will offer a hotkey for actions that otherwise had to be navigated to via the tilde menu.

  • Handcuffs
  • Lockpick
  • Body armour (Wasn't previously in a menu. However, I'll pop this in here anyway).

Departments actions are now available depending on your respective department levels, these values are now stored in our database. Department commanders, police cabinet, and staff members have permission to set these in-game with the following command: /setpd [playerid] [department] [department grade]. For example /setpd 244 hwp 4.

The ALPR has also been updated. We're now using a modified version of the Wraith ARS. This system is pretty awesome, and has extensive player documentation as to how to operate the functions. Press f5 in-game to open it, the documentation can be found in the interface.

EMS Updates

EMS have had rather minor updates. With the migration of list menu actions to the tilde menu, we have also made certain items usable rather than having to navigate the menu at all. Below is a list of new usable items (all of these items are used on a target, not the source player):

  • Medkit
  • Bandage
  • Painkillers
  • Splint
  • Medical Restraints.

Mechanic Updates

Similarly to the Police and EMS updates, In addition to the menu items migrated to the tilde menu, Mechanics now have a few items available in their shops that they can acquire through an item dispenser. If you are a mechanic, you cannot miss this in your respective shop as it is marked with a circle. These items are non-consumable and can be used in, and outside of a vehicle. I would recommend using them inside of the vehicle as Onesync is quite unreliable when manipulating a vehicle from the outside. The following items can be found in the item dispensary:

  • Lockpick
  • Repair kit
  • Gasoline canister.

Vehicle Garage Updates

We have re-created the vehicle garage system. This was done largely due to the limitations of the previous menu itself and the amount of vehicles that are constantly left out. The changes are as follow:

  • New custom built UI
  • UI type will change depending on the garage location
  • No limits on how many vehicles you can have in your garage
  • When taking a vehicle out of your garage, it will be marked as "active in the world". The vehicle won't be retrievable unless it is returned to the garage
  • If your vehicle is stolen, you can go back to the garage and report it stolen. If a police officer or mechanic impound it, this will return it to the garage
  • If your vehicle has been reported stolen, and an officer looks the plate up on the Police CAD, it will notify them that the vehicle is stolen
  • If the police impound a vehicle that has not been reported stolen, that vehicle will go to the impound
  • Active and stolen vehicles will return to your garage when the server restarts.
  • Impound cost has been increased to $2,000
  • Repair at garage has been increased to $1,500

Further Vehicle Updates

In an attempt to keep the map clear burnt vehicle carcasses and such, all undriveable vehicles will be deleted automatically. This usually means water damaged vehicles and burnt vehicles. This is largely a test to see how well the script does in tracking and handling these vehicles, so it remains to be seen whether or not this change will stay. We have also added some cool new particle effects to the car wash.

New Y Menu

We have added a new Y menu. This menu deals with clothing, assessors, and hair. There isn't a whole lot to explain here, but I can tell you that is is pretty awesome. If you have a certain type of long hair, this script allows you to tie up your hair, or let it loose. You can also take any piece of clothing off and put it back on at your leisure (it isn't buggy like the current system as it detects what clothing you have on when you toggle an item rather than going off your database clothing values). There is much to explore here, but I'll let you guys come across this.

Business Updates

Due to how incredibly trash the default business management scripts are for normal ESX servers, we've decided to scrap the lot. Or, rather, disable it temporarily. In its place, there will be a few commands to be use whilst our new UI is created for business owners. Development has already begun on this, and if you are lucky, you might be able to catch @Ryan King developing this live on his twitch channel (Check him out here). The following new commands are:

  • /bwithdraw [amount] (withdraw from business account)
  • /bdeposit [amount] (deposit into business account).

Previous commands have been released in older versions of our server and are still available for business owners to use. Further, in the realm of business, we're proud to announce the opening of a new mechanic business, Los Santos Customs! This new business will be replacing Outlaw Garage, and will be lead by @soleKEFS, if you're interested in keeping up with this business and just some great roleplay in general, consider checking out his twitch channel! (Check him out here).

Organisation Updates

Not much to report here that most of you probably already know. However, we've introduced two new organisations, the outcasts, and the brothers. On update, they will have access to their nifty organisation HQ's. We won't tell you where they are, but if you are lucky (or unlucky?) enough to see them, they are pretty cool.

Inventory Updates

The inventory has received a small functional and cosmetic update. Instead of the ugly box that displays what job you have, it now will display your job neatly underneath your character name in a spot that makes more sense. Additionally, we have decided to add 9 hot bar slots. We also noticed that the hot bar was quite a lot larger than it needed to be, so we've scaled down the size. Those of you with high screen resolutions should still be able to see the hot bar just fine. The style of the UI has slightly changed too. Instead of dragging items into invisible item slots, these slots are now well defined and easy to locate. Also, when using an item it will automatically close the UI.

Loading Screen Updates

The loading screen has received a bit of a make over. We've added new songs, new screenshots, new quotes, and a new style. We have also re-added our custom steam information (to my knowledge, there isn't a server today that operates with the same functionality #custom). if any of you have any quote suggestions, screen shot submissions, or song requests, please contact @Zaydan.

Player Spawn Updates

The spawn camera has been replaced. We've added something a little different that I am sure a few of you will appreciate. It can be quite annoying watching the same old sky camera. We've also seemingly fixed the issue with players constantly spawning under that map. We have also added back a modified version of our anti combat logging script. If a player logs out whilst dead, they will spawn in and have their inventory automatically wiped, and a harsher death tax applied. However, they will not be killed, and any prior situations must be treated as if a respawn had occurred.

Mapping Updates

  • New Sandy PD
  • New Paleto PD
  • SSA has been reskinned
  • New Sunshine Autos building
  • Reapers clubhouse has been redone
  • New Forgiven MC clubhouse
  • New Henhouse club
  • New Paleto city hall
  • New Sandy city hall
  • New Paleto hardware store
  • Beekers and surrounding areas has been redone
  • New Weasel news building
  • New Vagos safe house
  • New Captain Jacks restaurant
  • New Hookies bar
  • New Church
  • New dodgy clinic
  • LS Customs has been redone
  • New LSIA race track
  • New Paleto/Chilliad forest
  • New Bean Machine
  • New Gym
  • Probably many more...

Misc Updates

  • Priority cooldown has been re-made. It will now update players who join after it has been called. It also utilises a new design
  • New health/armour/food/water/stamina hud has been added. This is not placed where the GTA 5 health and armour bars would usually be
  • Compass and street names is now located, with a new style, next to the map
  • Renamed the "trucking manifest" to "GPS" so that it is less confusing
  • Saving/picking clothing outfits now cost less money
  • Renamed Lottery Co. to San Andeas Lottery
  • Fixed the launch trajectory for players who do not have their seat belt on and decide to crash
  • Treasure hunting now gives the correct reset chip
  • Fixed the weapon wheel periodically appearing when pressing tab
  • Fixed the landscaping animation
  • Fixed an exploit with the black market (we will be catching up the the folk who abused this)
  • Fixed the proximity for /showbadge
  • /togglehud now actually hides all HUD elements, for police, it will also hide the CAD notifications
  • Removed /bike. This was for the best, I am sure we all understand this
  • Aligned a whole lot of list menus to the bottom-right hand side of the screen
  • All stores now sell cellphones
  • Cellphone hotkey has been removed, players can still drag a cellphone to a hotkey and use it that way
  • New blip icons have been added, we would like player feedback on these
  • Pressing "P" or "CTRL" whilst in the cellphone message input box will no longer set you in the prone/crouch state
  • Vanilla Unicorn now has a new skin
  • Added a whole lot of new female and male clothing
  • Added a few new female hair styles
  • Temporarily disabled the store robbery script
  • Running and jumping now has a chance to trip you over (LOL)
  • Added new Fleeca bank robberies (this robbery require a couple of items from the black market).

P.s. There is more than likely many more changes that I have simply just forgotten about/haven't written down, I am sure you will notice these during your time on the server, if I remember any more, I will add it to the list.

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