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Well isn't this fun. Minus the whole post moderation shit. I mean really? Who even does that? How laborious!

My curiosity as to the current situation regarding a certain named weather system is the main reason I am here... oh and talking shit.

Where is the Ozzygaming AMA's? And Ozzygaming.com seems to redirect here so I can only assume that the power struggle is complete? Personally, this Schism is totally worth it - just a year late unfortunately but the past is the past.

To honour this occasion and those who we lost fighting the good fight:

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47 minutes ago, Capone said:

For 'New Members' they need 3 approved posts before they're automatically moved into the 'Members' group. All staff members can approve/deny posts so this shouldn't be an issue.

Welcome back tho daddy ;)

Yeah, some of my glorious posts were not approved. Very disappoint!

29 minutes ago, Bailey P. said:

Come back to resume the top shitpost and like spot on the forums ey? Welcome my friend

You know me too well, besides I needed a little novelty for a day or so before I go back to obscurity. I'm always comfy hanging around Ozzy omitting select individuals.

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