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OzzyGaming Charity Fundraiser 2020 - RESULTS

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G'day Gamers

Yesterday was an awesome day to be part of the OzzyGaming Community. Before I get to the numbers, I just want to say a couple things.

First of all, thank you to every single person who contributed to the fundraiser. We understand given the times we are living in and the age of a lot of our members, not everyone can afford to donate to charity and that's totally fine! But nonetheless everyone got involved in one way or another across the whole community in the form of events, discussion and general awareness and that is really what counts. So thank you to everyone!

Special shoutout to @nicatude for hosting The Million Dollar Race event last night, presented by LS Legal. There was a great turnout and I was so impressed by the level of effort and complexity of the event. It was very well run and looked like a lot of fun for those involved.
You can watch the full event stream from last night on his Twitch channel (Link in the spoiler):


We had well over 300 different members donate to the fundraiser yesterday, which is an amazing effort from our server that only has 180 slots!
I'd like to give a special shoutout to @Beast260 (Bob The Fitter), @NeXWolf (Mej), @Mattii13 & @darknessfalls251 who were the top donators in the fundraiser, each donating $50 cash, on top of getting the vehicle. Thank you for your kind generosity.

So, the numbers....!

I am proud to announce a phenomenal $5,000 has been raised going directly to Headspace! The breakdown of the financials has been attached below for transparency. Gross donations received totalled just shy of $5,000 which smashed our goal of $3,000! Unfortunately after PayPal Fees and GST outside of our control, this comes down to $4,430. However, we couldn't let that much money be lost to fee's so we will be donating an extra $569 out of the community funds to cover all of the taxes and fees and round up a little bit extra to make it a nice clean $5,000!

unknown (9).png

These funds will be transferred directly to Headspace this week. Again, OzzyGaming does not take any commission or admin fees on the donations received as this was all for charity and all goes towards the great cause that is headspace.

This means all the donation methods and the E63 FiveM vehicle are no longer available. If anyone missed out, feel free to donate directly to headspace at any time and your money will make a difference. We are so excited by what we have managed to achieve and really want to do it all over again next year and make this an annual event. $5,000 will make a big difference to this Australian Mental Health organisation and their facilities and you should all be proud.

Thanks again to everyone, I hope this news puts a big smile on your faces!

OzzyGaming Community Manager

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Hi everyone,

After a few weeks wait, we have today received the receipt from Headspace regarding the community donation. I have attached it for verification/transparency purposes.

Once again, thanks everyone for the tremendous support and we hope to get involved again next year!


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