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  1. nicatude's Court Booking Application ID #7474 Submitted on 11/28/20 at 05:27:25 AM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name Nicatude ---------------------- Plaintiff Name Trevon Destined on behalf of NSW Ambulance ---------------------- Defendant Name Casper McGoogle ---------------------- Claim The NSW Ambulance is suing Casper McGoogle for his actions which led to a major Motor Vehicle Accident along the Los Santos Freeway on 27/11/2020 causing a Paramedic to suffer severe injuries resulting in forced and required medical leave from work as well as interfere
  2. It has been a journey of ups and downs but it is great to read this and see it all finally come to fruition. Thank you and massive shout outs to Boss, Molotov, Pandakazii and Mitta for all the time spent working on it, dealing with my questions and expectations as well as agreeing to give this an opportunity to become something official for the community. See you all in court
  3. First, what a great and thoughtful post. Secondly. this just goes, yet again, to prove how the execs, devs and staff of this server and community go above and beyond and really do things with the community in mind. It's so uplifting to see people using their power in a platform for good reasons and not just sitting back content at the level things are at. Thirdly - LS Legal is running it's race event that night so the stream itself was always going to have a bit of stuff going on, doing some giveaways for OG plats, paypal gift card, etc... now we have to step it up a gear... time t
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