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  1. Our fallen soldiers, - https://gyazo.com/f9638f9dc29030510a1e1132f7046e18 rest in peace Cryptic & Suzaku (Buried in the ruins of Della's House of Horrors)
  2. Its one moment that you think is not real. i have so many good memories with cryptic and its almost not true that he has passed away
  3. I found one picture from a wasteland server which does this https://gyazo.com/84919433f5e7ab77ec2b549134af6406 [i know the both of the uniforms are pink but those two are the only two i found] WASTELAND WAS NOT MODDED
  4. If uniforms were to be implemented i would think it would require custom uniforms not just preset random cloths you can get from rebel because not many people would want to wear it otherwise I voted Uniforms under the impression that it will be custom uniforms I did a little of looking of what other servers do but cant find any that are not modded but here is a look of the modded which have custom vest and helmets and default clothing. https://gyazo.com/abfd58825facb9d2cb50e5e0d3bfef79