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  1. That is a fitting place for cyptic , love it
  2. If anyone has any funny moments such as video clips photos storys etc please share. Also RIP Suzaku.
  3. It is with great sadness that i can confirm that Josh, known as "Cryptic Plissken" or "Cryptic" has passed away, confirmed by a family member this morning. I thought i should come here and inform those who knew him from back in the Altis and Malden life days of his tragic passing. Cryptic liked to joke a lot and was loved by many and we send our condolences to his family and anyone who knew him on Behalf of Shrek Plissken , Nikko Plissken and Mario Plissken. He was a great friend and will be missed. If Anyone is struggling with depression and are feeling alone PLEASE seek help , reach out to someone and if someone reaches out to you who is struggling please listen and help. If you are thinking of suicide or experiencing a personal Crisis help is available. No one needs to face their problems alone. 13 11 14 is the number for Lifeline Australia. Unfortunately i do not have my old clips so cannot share some if his best moments so for now this is all i can share , feel free to share any videos or storys below RIP Cryptic love you mate. Here is a playlist of my videos in where Cryptic makes an Apperance
  4. If you dare accuse me , a Plissken , of being nothing but a friend and ally to the Police force then you are a liar and a disgrace ! this attack on my name is a Sacrilege!
  5. Explain the "Pumpkin" thing , is that an inside joke ? either way and well its been a long time since "cracks and shots" in north kav big man
  6. I have seen alot of people saying they wish to see ozzy back to the glory days. one way we could do this is maybe like, play ! so does anyone want to play one of the servers currently running on ozzy? Let me know ! lets all get on together aye
  7. sooo , why did you RDM the whole cop force ?
  8. Hello to another loyal Plissken
  9. You must not hate this community as much as you say you do , you cant stay away! @Molotov
  10. Shitposting on the forums isnt a good hobby / occupation and really is poor content
  11. Also a banger. Bo Burnham really is a great artist.
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