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  1. Welcome to the city mate.
  2. Hey, man Its most likely just bugged man when you get the chance just pop into Team-speak and someone will fix it up for you Team speak IP: ts.ozzy.life Regards, Jordo
  3. +1 It’s just not practical it’s near or impossible to make it work TBH
  4. Welcome Brother 🦘 - (Easy petrol money)
  5. Jordo

    yes hello

    Welcome mate 🦘
  6. Jordo

    Trucking Guide

    Nice Guide just stumbled across it I think its amazing that your helping out the new members to the server ❤️ Thanks, Jordo
  7. Jordo

    Sup boys

    Welcome to the community mate glad to have you Good luck with Everything Hope to see you in role-play some time Thanks Jordo
  8. Jordo


    hi... im Jordan and i dont like landscaping
  9. Hey, mate Would like to say Ozzygaming is serious/Casual With most Players having good roleplay aspects and On top of that there is an amazingly friendly staff team backing Ozzy up at all times but there are some trolls witch get dealt with but theirs always gonna be trolls on whatever server u play I would say Ozzygaming is a strong community with serious aspects of Rp that always has a fun side, Ozzy has Much to do with all the Venues that are open regularly also events and other RP Things to do If u, in the end, decide to chose Ozzy to play on Good luck mate hope to see u around Thanks J
  10. hey, My recommendation is to lower the Screen resolution and play in windows full screen also set FiveM Priority level to high Should improve The game and stop it from crash so often Thanks Jordo
  11. Hey, My names Jordo happy to see you enjoying the city if u even need some help or someone to talk to Either come down to OutLaw Garage and say hi Or tweet me @Jordan Keen would be more than happy to show u around
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