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  1. No, you can still donate to the cause on their website directly! I just think you cannot donate for the car anymore.
  2. This is awesome! Glad to see the community (hopefully) coming together to support a serious cause!
  3. Welcome bro! I am fairly new too but really just staying in character I think is the biggest thing to follow. After that all the rules you catch on pretty quick. Enjoy bro and I hope to see you in the city
  4. -1 I think ooc should stay. Personally as a newbie I utilized ooc to get quick responses about things like controls, and things I needed a quick response for. I know people who are in the city who cannot handle running more than just the client, so it is slightly unrealistic for them to quit the game to open discord/ts. It is a great resource when used correctly. I think maybe highlighting the fact it can be hidden, and really highlighting the rules of "/ooc" would be a good next step!
  5. Hey ZigBoner! Hope to catch ya in the city at some point!
  6. My pleasure, whats mine is yours hahaha Thank you!
  7. Hey All! Mo Khalifa here! Some of you may have met me but I am Mo. I've been in the city for about 3 weeks or so and this is my first time coming to a city. I could be found being robbed while trucking haha. In case you still don't recognize me, I am the guy with the thick (fake) Arabic accent! Having a great time, and I am probably going to spend more time in this community so I thought I'd introduce myself!
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