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  1. Izou's Lawyer Application Application ID #10190 Submitted on 12/03/21 at 08:29:11 AM ---------------------- OOC Contact Info Izou#5815 ---------------------- Character Name Xero Ashford ---------------------- Link to your OzzyGaming player profile https://fivem.ozzy.life/player/1100001088541e4 ---------------------- How many hours have you played on OzzyGaming's FiveM server? 1575 ---------------------- What do you think the role of a Lawyer is? The role of a lawyer is to defend the client in court to achieve the minimum punishment possible for a crime or
  2. I would like the implementation of recoil on the crosshair like some city’s have if crosshairs are brought in. Still while having the crosshair it still takes at least a little more skill even if slightly while keeping it still reasonably realistic.
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