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  1. I think that this would be a great addition to the fiveM server i also think it would be a cool idea if we could hire a helicopter out and some sort of pilot license to legally be able to fly an aircraft.
  2. Outch having to buy custom plates with $$ that kicks me right in the feels with my RTA business application
  3. As much as i like the idea this will completely null the current security business and as of now there is not enough security contracting, once 64+ players becomes a thing i think it would be a good idea but as of now i don't think there is a need of another security modelled business. Just my opinion tho =)
  4. Yea i had a chat to Ryan about it he said they should be able to get it to work
  5. Yea i can see exactly where you are coming from its just an idea, however if the RTA becomes accepted and vehicle transfer is also apart of it i would assume only boss/ manager would be allowed to do it and the RTA managers would be people like bants who myself and bants have known ryan for quite sometime so we can eliminate having a dodgy business as this is a feature could easily abused if it was to be in the wrong hands and im sure there can be a system so the vehicle owner has to accept the vehicle transfer so there is no way to transfer without permission. However the main idea for the business if for custom plates anything else is just an idea that we could also do.
  6. Yea having the RTA be able to transfer vehicle ownership for a fee could also be a good implementation
  7. Application For Road Transport Authority How we will work: A Customer will be able to come into the RTA and purchase a customised number plate off us, they will have a wide range of custom plates to choose from and they will be able to choose the plates content. e.g ABC 123 Inappropriate Plates: Plate content may be considered unsuitable if it contains inflammatory or defamatory references in any language which could be considered by a reasonable person to be inappropriate for display. Custom Plate Cost: Pricing of custom plates would either be 10% of the market value of the vehicle or dependant on how many characters the plate has. e.g R34 is 100k or 1 is 500k Our Mission: We want to offer our customers the chance to have their own unique custom number plates on their vehicle for an extra touch of personalisation. Plate Example Location The RTA would be located at the Los Santos Customs shop Road Transport Authority Ranks: Executive - Harley West Manager - Leo Rooter Staff