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  1. Hi All, Please note that there have been some changes with the Clinical Practice Guidelines. Make yourself familiar with these changes as any violation of the handbook will result in termination of employment. There has also been a new document created in accordance with these guidelines. This document outlines what you need to know to progress to the next stage of employment and can be found in the link below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B8XMj5VAoR6MEN7jq-i_PidGpCt-4lNSf6Nu3GnNH8M/edit?usp=sharing Cheers, Cam
  2. Steam Name: camknust Job: EMS Rank: Chief Doctor Issue: 'A' on the controller opens up the phone What to be changed: Remove this keybinding. I know this is a very low priority bug so dont stress about rushing this fix
  3. Attention All EMS Officers Can you all please PM me your character names of your character who is employed as EMS staff so I can add these to the database. Cheers, Cam
  4. Hi All, Below is a link for a medical history database which we can start using to enhance roleplay. When on duty feel free to log your calls and information about them so that we can start to collect health records of the civilians on the server. The use of this database is not mandatory but will aid in furthering the quality of roleplay and make jobs more enjoyable. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QOT4FS9uxeO2U7psXDFr9IWXw_5P4EL3-61fpeQRtT0/edit?usp=sharing Cheers, Cam
  5. Hi all, EMS Vehicles have been updated. This means that the van is stable to use again and we need to start following the guidelines on vehicles and ranks. All B _ _ _ Units must use the van All A _ _ _ Units must use the SUV Thanks guys, EMS Cam
  6. hey, i can jump in TS or discord with you now if you like,im waiting

    to log in.

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    2. Haunter


      hey man, just letting you know whenever I'm on I'm EMS, done a fair bit of patrolling and saving lives, been liking it, thanks for the chance. out of interest what do I need to get promoted through the ranks of EMS?

    3. Cam K

      Cam K

      Not a problem mate that's good to hear! Sounds like you might be ready to be promoted. Next time we are on together I'll have a chat and we can go from there

    4. Haunter


      ok mate talk to you then

  7. Please can we put in the NSW Ambo vehicle, looks cool and might have a better handling line.
  8. Hey @Bendacat, at the moment there hasn't been any changes so feel free to jump on board and give a hand!
  9. Here is a link to a more stable ambulance van if you are interested in applying it. Not sure if you want the NSW akin on it though http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/14020-els-nsw-ambulance-service-mercedes-sprinter/
  10. Hi there, I am interested in assisting with the development of the Los Santos Medic Administration. Let me know if I can help out at all