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  1. Huge shout out to @Brodie H, you've taught me many lessons particularly around people management & development and I'll forever continue to use these skills. All the best with everything and I hope to catch you around soon. Look after yourself mate. Also thanks to @gigabytes for your help in furthering the success of the server with all of the countless hours you have put in to make this place look fantastic. Great work guys, you will be missed! Cam
  2. hey, i can jump in TS or discord with you now if you like,im waiting

    to log in.

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    2. Haunter


      hey man, just letting you know whenever I'm on I'm EMS, done a fair bit of patrolling and saving lives, been liking it, thanks for the chance. out of interest what do I need to get promoted through the ranks of EMS?

    3. Cam K

      Cam K

      Not a problem mate that's good to hear! Sounds like you might be ready to be promoted. Next time we are on together I'll have a chat and we can go from there

    4. Haunter


      ok mate talk to you then

  3. Hi there, I am interested in assisting with the development of the Los Santos Medic Administration. Let me know if I can help out at all