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  1. This is a lot like business application for a loan centre. this would be a massive undertaking and what happens when people just stop playing and you never get your money nor the goods. im not sure a dev is going to sift through a mountain of code to find the car you may or may not have loaned to someone. this would also be aimed at new players, not the most reliable source. I think you will have an issue here getting this off the ground.
  2. I love this idea, good business.
  3. Sorry Hella it was to late but ill get one up next time, we will be having another sale soon
  4. Twilight Autos is having an amazing sale on tonight, we have over ten second-hand vehicles in stock, and we are looking to run them out at crazy prices . All vehicles come with full performance upgrades already installed, and if you make a purchase tonight, we will throw in a FREE respray if you don’t like the colour, which will be available only at JCS Performance and only tonight. So, if you don't want to spend retail on vehicles or pay for those performance upgrades, Twilight Autos is the place for you. Sales begin at around 730 AEST. You can also pick up a new car at great prices if you are in a shopping mood. So, come on down to Twilight Autos, where we take you on an adventure of sight and sound. See you there MANG.
  5. I could come down and sing, i know some Mexican songs like despacito, La Bamba and La Cucaracha. See you there Mang.
  6. Great idea. To add more interest to this it might be an idea for garages be placed very close, in fact, most have an underground car park area where people can pull out their cars. I own a property and never go there really because I cant log out there and then get back to my place of business without stealing a car or I just going back to the central garage to log out. There needs to be more of a reason to buy a property over just a place to store your stuff.
  7. 10%......OMFG, Blake you are killing these poor people, I know a boss that is it a bit fairer than that, I can't remember his name, JESUS wish i knew what it was. I like the idea of gangs doing training to help bring those that want to be a little, well you know criminal. I also like the idea of more hostile AI, I've seen in other servers where there are massive shootouts with the cops and the AI. this would give cops something else to do rather than speed patrol. Some ideas for jobs ive seen in other servers are: Chop shop (stealing certain AI cars taking them to the chop shop and people can get money back for them, its a list of vehicles that changes every 20 mins) metal detecting down at the beach (people find all sorts of stuff from rings and diamonds to golf club heads and cans, these items can then be sold to a pawn place) Insurance business Selling weed to AI players in certain areas, which takes away the need to stand in a circle and are on the street and can be seen by cops.
  8. Just got some questions that people might ask, might be an idea to do up a little FAQ. So how soon after do the benefits kick in? when will I know? Does my time start from the donation day or the day i get the perks? How will i know when my subscription kicks in? will I get a reminder to renew my subscription? are new players or players who cant access the subscription at a disadvantage? is this pay to win now? are the pay perks such as licence plate change going to be available to those who don't want to spend real money? I don't play arma 3 or rust why does my money go to those servers when my money could go to a better FiveM Server and development for my needs?
  9. I think i already own this one...
  10. WRX fix is being worked on and the 240z is a little glitchy when getting into it, but the 240z works as intended otherwise.
  11. Hey peeps Noticed that tilt trucks cant turn their ignition off with the shift-g command. Also, the flashing lights go off after awhile, not sure if this is fixable. Randomly cars start to use their indicators for no apparent reason.
  12. ill be your first customer love this idea