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  1. Event Tonight

    NASACAR Top 3 1st Hycrupt prize 1 million sponsored by JCS and Twilight 2nd Tomass prize 500k sponsored by Deven West Jet Charters 3rd William Prize Warrener Sponsored by Twilight and he really wanted one lol Winners of the destruction Derby each received 100k Sponsored by Twilight Gex William Angelo Sinns Wigum
  2. Twilight Autos in conjunction with Major Sponsor BigBoi Corporation and Sokudo Garage, Devon Weston Airlines, The Star Casino and Polinski Vineyard bring you the 2018 BigBoi Corporation Big Air Motor X Series. Happening tonight. Remember, Gamble Responsibly.
  3. Hi fellow Ozzy Gamers, yesterday i said some very inflammatory comments directed towards some people. I may have said these things in the heat of the moment and for that i apologise, i believe it was a miscommunication on my part. I have a saying that you shouldn't do things in the heat of the moment, well i didn't live by my own words. The guys here have a difficult job and should be Proud of what they have accomplished. Kind regards Mang Haunter
  4. Thanks Mitch is that a personal donation or from a business so I can get the appropriate signage.
  5. Twilight Autos would like to thank the major sponsor Weazel News for supporting last night’s short course pro series race night. The results have been published in today's Weazel News, so please visit their online publication for more information. Twilight Autos would also like to thank everyone who attended, there was a massive turn out with over 16 race rev heads all wanting to show off their skills. We look forward to holding race night every Tuesday evening at around the same time on rotating themes. Next weeks race night will be a Motor X event held at the track at a construction site in the desert. We are looking for Major sponsors for the next event.
  6. To help punters prepare for the race, Twilight Autos will be selling EVO 10, S2K, 240z and WRX for $300k today only.
  7. Hi Guys/Gals I will be trying to run a major underworld event tonight, criminals please visit announcements on the discord page if you would like to be involved. Police can also be involved in this major event by visiting the LS police discord discussion thread. Regards Haunter
  8. Thanks, guys for everything you have done, Brosi hope to see you back here one day and G1ga mate you are an absolute legend mate, thanks for all your help on the dealership.
  9. Just got some questions that people might ask, might be an idea to do up a little FAQ. So how soon after do the benefits kick in? when will I know? Does my time start from the donation day or the day i get the perks? How will i know when my subscription kicks in? will I get a reminder to renew my subscription? are new players or players who cant access the subscription at a disadvantage? is this pay to win now? are the pay perks such as licence plate change going to be available to those who don't want to spend real money? I don't play arma 3 or rust why does my money go to those servers when my money could go to a better FiveM Server and development for my needs?