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  1. What is your full name: Joseph Nakdi

    How old are you: 16

    Do you have any previous work experience: landscaping and trucker

    Tell us a bit about yourself (40 word minimum): I love cars, I grew up with them. I work my ass off I try to grind to get an expensive car on the game, I would love to be a mechanic on the game to help people customize their cars to hosting car meets it would be alot of fun.

    What makes you want to work for Big Bob's (30 word minimum): I have a friend that works at Big Bob's and he says he enjoys it and I thought it would be a good way of expressing how we all enjoy cars and talk and get to know each other more.

    What could you bring to the crew here at Big Bob's: (30 word minimum): I would love to bring new skills and a new personality to Big Bob's 

    Out of character section:

    Steam: E63ED1

    Age: 16

    Experience with spreadsheets (none, little, piss easy): piss easy 

    How many hours are you able to put in (weekly): 90/100 

    How long have you been part of the community (hours): I have 50 hours something around there.

    Discord (Name#): E63ED1#1993

  2. I got rddmed i didnt see his name he just killed me for no reason he had a boxter purple with pink neon lights stupid fkn people

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