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  1. Congratulations on your win Mr West. I look forward to seeing great things in the Police Force in the not so distant, and distant futures.
  2. Must admit this has hit home quite a bit, having had experience with road trauma and suicide on a personal level, with those closest to me. Both Cryptic and Suzaku were, and still are very memorable members of the OzzyGaming community. Through thick and thin we all, even I, have had contact with these two in some form or another, like most through good and bad...and have shared many games, and roleplayed moments together, both within Ozzy, and out of it... Both taken too soon, and for all the wrong reasons... Was a pleasure to play with you both, and get to know you both on some level or another... For all those affected, i'm sorry for your loss...It never gets easier having lost someone you cared for, especially good friends...I, like most will always be around for a shoulder to lean on... R.I.P - you'll never be forgotten, and will always have a spot in our memory here within OzzyGaming, and outside of it...
  3. This afternoon, it was announced from the executive team that there be a memorial gaming session on Altis Life to help the community mourn two very memorable figures of our community, Cryptic and Suzaku. I think it was brilliant to see everyone, both veterans and not, getting together and having a blast, on a game we all once, and some still do, love, regardless of past experiences. I made this not to go back into it too much, other than to say, I'd love to see some screenshots or videos from the very best and most enjoyed memories of our OzzyGaming Arma 3 Altis Life days.... Thanks Wouldn't let me post the actual screenshot, so this'll have to do... http://prntscr.com/mj28ae - was good to hear from everyone again...
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