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  1. My Self and Faze Duck have thought of a bunch of ideas/suggestions that could be added into game let us know your thoughts and own suggestions too Change the phone in game to be able to actually call people with it have a “yellow pages” where people can advertise along with businesses making people actually look on there phone finding whos open instead of just reading the twt chat . Example “cleaning money” “fishers is now open give a call on blah blah to know our best deals/prices” also been able to ring businesses for different types of stuff also been able to “ping” your location to people you want to meet up with in game Adding different features into the game example needing a lock pick to break into or steal a vehicle having the feature to change plates on a stolen vehicle been able to allow people to hop into the “trunk” of a vehicle when taking someone hostage /trunk or something would be more realistic. Adding a “tuner chip” to your car example been able to change the acceleration Speed Breaking also needing a repair kit to fix your vehicle if you crash allowing cops to pick these up from the PD instead of putting there car away and getting a new one. Been able to lock pick “houses” steal valuable goods that can then be sold to pawn shops Hostile RP / Banks.. Make banks more rewarding for the criminal if they manage to escape lowering the price of the items needed. Needing a “security card” to be able to access the bank to get this you would have to rob a police officer who carries one of them. Making banks more realistic not having 20 police at a single bank giving the criminals more of a chance of escaping Example Nopixel basically allow the robbers to get away if they put in good RP and unique ways of robbing a bank instead of the same old Dress full black drive a bf400. If a suspect is caught then interrogated by the CID they can be on “watch list” allowing the detective to place a “tracking device” on the suspect to see what they are doing. Also what FRK Euler said doing drugs when there's no police on duty allowing the individual to farm dirty money with no risk of getting caught Basically lowering the price of Illegal items/weapons seen as these people have a large sum of dirty money. Getting a new drug system would be ideal making it so people have to sell the drugs to players instead of standing there selling to an NPC potentially allowing a group of people been the kingpin of the drug trade would add for amazing criminal RP Having a more realistic health system 4 punches killing someone is kind of silly. Make people be able to “check” into pillbox hospital when there are no EMS on example if you don't check into the hospital your “stress” levels rise if a detective wants to further question a suspect that has been “killed” allow them to take the person back to pillbox hospital giving them a revive option to add more RP rather than people shooting cops they die you can't do anything because of the “new life” making it so police can continue RP with the criminal rule potentially make pillbox hospital the “main” hospital rather than the one across the road from the DMV Allowing people to do “payment plans” to buy vehicles they cannot afford (would be up to the dealership to allow that to happen) the dealerships having a repossession team if the person fails to pay the payment plan or just leaves the server. allowing people to get a “loan” from the bank as the old apartment system worked it automatically takes the money from your account obviously to pay back the “loan” With the addition of the Courthouse getting an actual proper lawyer business in game would make so much good RP obviously making a rule if a players jail sentence time is above say 15 months they can then ask for a lawyer and take the fines to court making them pick from the proper Lawyers in game not just friends that know nothing on what there talking about Potentially change the compass at the top of the screen having your location/direction your heading next to the map in the lower left hand corner Feel Free to add your own suggestions/thoughts everything in here is just general thoughts on what could be added to make RP better for us all
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