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  1. Approved Please see myself or Boss on TS3.
  2. The EVO10 is un customisable. We are working on a fix for this currently and hope to have it in game sooner or later.
  3. Welcome Spreedo!
  4. Is the truck ELS? because if it is then the lights will stop every 10 minutes when ELS is restarted, all you will have to do is re enable the lights.
  5. I think it should yes. Makes even more RP.
  6. The Star

    Victoria Police approve of this Business, the Police will be envolved in most events to provide a sense of safety to all patrons envolved in gambling. We do not encourage gambling, but it's something thats out of our hands. At each event the Police will still be enforcing laws regarding; DUI, Assaults, Stealing etc. Police will also be providing transport safety to major VIP's. Once again, Happy to be doing business with you. Cheers, Brodie H Police Chief Commisioner
  7. The Star

    ^ Bartoss tore the contract in half, would you not think SS would now try and make a deal that Bartoss has rejected?
  8. HyperUp

    Welcome mate! if you are looking to join a Emergency Services, the applications are on these forums Look forward to playing with you!
  9. I know what you're saying, i completely understand BUT we would be better off just waiting for 64 slots.
  10. Resigned from police or blacklisted lol.
  11. Yeah, if you can find some addon ambo's, let me know and we'll tee up a time to talk to the blokes who are skinning our vehicles.