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  1. This is probably the worst way to sell myself.. I don't know much about cars, but I'm eager to learn more and I find the best way for me is through exposure. I know what looks good, what feels good to drive and I love customisation. Aesthetics are everything and I'm the type of person who gets lost for 1-2 hours customising the perfect character, clothes, etc, in any game I play. I purchased a Lamborghini on server one and waited about an hour and a half for a mechanic so I could spruce it up. That's when it occurred to me, no more saying I will and just go for it. Apply for a job as a mechanic and see if I get it. I'm also an EMS for another characters job and so I consider myself good at role play.
  2. You're talking about two different things, cleaning your dirty money and/or selling it. You have to work to find someone who's willing to purchase your dirty money because only dirty money can be used to purchase black market goods - in which case there is no exchange fee, because you're not being offered a cleaning service. They're buying it off of you. A lot of people who aren't business owners will 'claim' to clean your money and take a % off the top, they're not only making money but they're then using it to buy the black market goods they want, or some as I mentioned undercut a person severely and then visit a legitimate business owner to genuinely clean the money, in which case they profit either way. No service should be free and the standard 10% cleaners take is a much better alternative than the former, where you're susceptible to being ripped off.
  3. Another thing I've seen is having numbers above players heads removed entirely. Sure it would make people harder to identify if they're breaking the rules, but it would also help for detectives and informants (if more mainstream) whereby people can't just match your digits up with your steam name. If you wanted to keep I know you're not meant to, but lets face it, the guy trying to unload 400k+ worth of guns isn't going to take the chance if he doesn't have to. Nor is the guy who's taking new recruits into his gang. Leaving the only real identifiable trait being a persons voice, and we'd all get to enjoy some bad accents. There is however the significant drawback of making rule breaking easier to get away with.
  4. That's a great suggestion. I didn't even know they could personally, because everyone always mentions Dimitri or Bob. Now even some other people do it, when they aren't business owners, they just take the dirty money for cheap and then go to a business owner and clean it through them to make a profit. Not sure if that's allowed or not, but it happens.
  5. Preface: Currently the white listed jobs are undergoing a face lift, which a lot of people are presently unhappy with as all changes have yet to take effect. Please for the sake of being productive don't discuss those in this thread, as you cannot critique something when you only have a half finished product. As it stands the world of FiveM's role play is primarily for those with white listed jobs and those who engage with those jobs. These would be police officer, car dealer, mechanics and EMS. You also tend to get role play when doing heroin. Aside from that the game is car-centric, you make money to buy a nice car. Money > car dealer > mechanic > cops? (lets face it you'll likely be speeding) > EMS (most people can get away with never needing one). Thus role play is limited for civilians, I've been racking my brain for ideas in the hopes of providing a more well rounded RP experience. Ideas: 1. Last I asked gangs weren't really legal or illegal, the verdict was up in the air, one way of encouraging group play and risk/reward for particular illegal jobs that have higher activity (heroin) could be to put AI at the selling point and increasing their hostility. That would also mean turning off the fluctuating price of selling heroin to be more in tune with the risk. Forcing people to pursue other jobs too. 2. Increasing the sale price for meth? it's much more inconvenient to make and sell, currently heroin is mainstream and other jobs don't see that much activity. 3. AI hostility increased at shady locations, for cutting them off in traffic, etc. 4. If gangs were to be legalised, undercover cops and informants would be mainstream. Opening the door for something new. 5. Gangs would have to be white listed and would serve to help train those wanting to be a criminal to do so in accordance with the rules & RP. Some people appear to be uncertain on various things. Take for example something as basic as red lights, a lot of people don't know you can stop at a red light and pass through them and not have to wait the entire duration. 6. Some capacity of training for inexperienced criminals, if gangs don't go ahead? Some are scared of failRPing. 7. Making 90% of civilian cars locked so people can't steal as easily and are forced to use their own cars? Could be good for taxi drivers. Could also sell pick lock tools at convenient stores, so people can steal parked cars but not those being driven by AI. 8. I personally think tuning up the damage of vehicles could be a good idea, nothing too extreme, just so people on both sides of a pursuit are forced into RPing their crashes because they aren't given a choice. This would also see a demand for mechanics. 9. Pet store? https://forum.fivem.net/t/vrp-pets/110137 10. Reshuffling of some businesses to force people up north? I am aware there are some regional changes coming, so I'm not too devastated by this. 11. Is it possible to give random ailments to people so they're forced to seek out a doctor? Even if it's just a message that appears like when you'd inspect an unconscious person. ---- Business ideas that force people to engage in RP would be nice if anyone has ideas. I've struggled to think of any that would be meaningful. I know a lot of people have talked about gruppe6 security and how they loved it before some changes, I wasn't around here for that, but I would imagine having criminals up to par with cops (in terms of training) or gangs (that don't just go around RDMing) would have the potential to see a demand for businesses needing security. Aside from that lawyers and psychologists? These are just ideas that are built around the goal of introducing more RP, especially for those who don't have white listed jobs, rather than having the goal to make money to then buy cars and that be it. Obviously not all my ideas are good ideas and some may not be doable at all. Feel free to critique, elaborate and/or add your own ideas. Keeping in mind the preface.
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/270779646 Edit: In order to regain access to the boot you have to go into the vehicle and use the tilde key menu to unlock the doors, to then be able to access the boot. The moment you lock/unlock your vehicle again, you can't access the boot without repeating the process. This saw me robbed, because it was speedier to have my boot accessible to me (and others) rather than do all the steps repeatedly, for various jobs.
  7. My Steam name is Spreedo. I've recently gotten into the world of GTA Online, after discovering RP servers were a thing, by watching FamilyRP streams. I haven't touched GTA since Vice City on Xbox, and so I look forward to experiencing the nostalgia and this new world of RP. So far pretty intimidating, coming into a world where people already have their footing and are confident in their roles. Looking forward to developing my own.