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  1. Hey, I still appreciate the feedback! More coming soon.
  2. Hey, I created this today just to share with some friends on the FiveM PD server, if this is something you guys would like I can create these - it doesn't take long but I do this in my spare time. If you're in PD or would like to show love you're more than welcome to add this into your signature, I provided the code above. If you appreciate the userbar, please Thank & Love this post! I would be very grateful. You can either post a reply here or on Discord using the following form to submit a request. Those in the EMS will be getting one made shortly, so don't worry about making a request unless you want a specific rank detailed on the userbar. - Images on the userbar - Text - Animated (Y/N) If yes, how would you like it done?
  3. I've seen @theubiman streaming over the past few days and seen what OG has to offer, I seen it's nothing like SA-MP but I'm willing to give it a shot regardless Plus GTA:V and VOIP actually makes this a lot better in my opinion, it's just a standard of roleplay that varies. On LS-RP I was in Los Locotes, CWA XXVII and EMS - if you're ever down to chat Rockwell just hit me up on Discord!
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah @Rockwell I signed up to LS-RP 7 years ago and loved it before leaving 2 years ago, only problem was that it wasn't Australian so my ping was terrible - OG looks like my new home for roleplaying GTA I'd like to share some screenshots and a video with you guys from GTA:SA, and I can't wait to create some memories here! Here's to a new chapter and as I said, can't wait to start creating new memories here boys!
  5. Hi, I have found Ozzygaming and thought this would be the best suited community for me to join. I live in Queensland and I'm an enthusiast for roleplaying different types of character wither it's criminal or law abiding. One of my first experiences with GTA Life comes from LS-RP which was a renowned server in San Andreas but after that community divided years ago I left and removed myself from this type of gameplay, ever since the only genre I've played in FPS and BR and I'm really sick of Fortnite at this point. I hope to receive a warm welcome and can't wait to be apart of the community!