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  1. I drive a Futo GT. Well, almost. My car is a 1987 Corolla Levin, two-tone silver, although it will probably be black-silver soon as I just got some new OEM parts from RollaClub. I too live in Melbs, OP
  2. G'day, I'm a new fella around here, mainly looking to join in the FiveM antics. I've been RPing for years in a variety of different forms, although mostly text based; pen and paper, WoW (WrA), Starbound, and ArmA 2 in Takistan Life, and ArmA 3, although that was typically more like MilSim action with slight RP elements bolted on. I might need a couple pointers in getting acclimatised what with all the features and server modifications, and would greatly appreciate some assistance on that , but I hope to entertain and get involved with a variety of characters and voice acting soon. Also, if someone could potentially shoot me a link to the Discord server, that'd be grouse. Cheers!