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  1. Hey mate, Have you turned your texture quality down to 'Normal'?
  2. This will only replace/redownload any 'GTA 5 Modified/Corrupt Files', if you have installed mods that do not 'replace/modify' any of the default GTA 5 files i.e Scripts/Add-ons, then you will need to manually delete those
  3. Welcome mate, hope you enjoy your time here
  4. @Barra The World Here is the download link for the one I put together, all that is needed is to simply drag-drop, I already did the rest. (Backup your files first of course.), @joe Fixed the file names for the sirens However, this file is Sirens + All Weapons + Taser sounds, I do believe I have another that only does Sirens + Glock + Taser if you would prefer? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pvMPWpqH5I Download (Read Me Included): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZZuQrI_NY_vRqyBPC9Ib9xzMlep44jFd Just need to keep in mind that some vehicles have their sirens overridden by the server that Zaydan has replaced. If there are different sirens you would prefer I can fix that up for you.
  5. ^^ What Zaydan linked, most of us use Naturalvision, however, I believe the Developers added a custom lighting script/mod so I believe some aspects of Naturalvision would be overridden, Zaydan would need to confirm this though
  6. Firststly Welcome! Add-ons you could install are Siren/Weapon sound mods, though the server overwrites some sirens on a few vehicles. As for trainers, we do not allow trainers of any type on our FiveM servers.
  7. Welcome to OzzyGaming mate, Great to have you with us
  8. Benda does scrapyard/recycle centre just about every weekend and whenever else he feels like doing them, so head to one of those, he announces them in-game and on discord and they go for quite some time. Alternatively, you can advertise your vehicle for a private sale.
  9. Let us see if they have improved anything else or have they yet to displease us still. @Bertie
  10. 19.99 USD, unless they have decided to change it in last 24 hours
  11. The DEVs are not defining SCUM as a BR game but as something they say "is to hard to explain" , but did say if that's what we want to see it as then we can see it as that. Though imo it's much more than a PUBG, even though it's literally prisoners on an island surviving with the goal of getting off. Either way I see it as more of a Survival-hybrid?
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