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  1. Welcome to OzzyGaming mate, Great to have you with us
  2. Let us see if they have improved anything else or have they yet to displease us still. @Bertie
  3. 19.99 USD, unless they have decided to change it in last 24 hours 😮
  4. The DEVs are not defining SCUM as a BR game but as something they say "is to hard to explain" 🤔, but did say if that's what we want to see it as then we can see it as that. Though imo it's much more than a PUBG, even though it's literally prisoners on an island surviving with the goal of getting off. Either way I see it as more of a Survival-hybrid?
  5. Will definitely play on the OzzyGaming Server for SCUM if we get one!

    @Bear Farcry 5 was alright, but still not as good as the first ones, Just cause has always been a good laugh though. Side note: How can you recommend something else when it's not even released yet?