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  1. All Police Have been removed from their current ranks and have been placed at the rank "Police Evaluation" in preparation for the 5.0 launch. This is a chance for all Officers to prove their worth over the following weeks as we start to promote people back into ranks. At the end of a 1-2 month period anyone who has not played Cop will be set at Constable. This is something new and fresh and an opportunity for people who may have not of been the best behaved in the past show their true colours. We are not going to take any previous Blacklists/Ranks/Warnings or anything into account for your new rank this is all based of what you are going to do right here and now. A few thing you can do to improve your chances of getting a higher rank (although these are things you should be doing all the time) - Higher Quality RP over other officers - Great CO'ing - Great NCO'ing - Showing Maturity - Listening to orders well - Maintaining Channel Control and Order - Following Protocol - Teaching New Players - Being Active - And many more If you have any questions please feel free to ask a Cabinet Member or post below.
  2. Limiting people on how much they can play in a time like now probs isent the best idea, maybe when pop picks up it could be introduced but for now just having CO loosely try to keep a 1/3 1/2 ratio would be preferred but required at the moment. Just ask when the ratio is bad if anyone would be willing to go jump on cop for a while (they dont have to but it dosent hurt to ask).
  3. watch out he will disable dislikes on himself like another certain person.....
  4. you are the problem you dirty orange juice bandit.
  5. At no point did i say it was getting less attention or taking staff members away? i was simply stating that there is nothing wrong with it currently receiving more attention then other servers are at the moment?
  6. But no one loves pedro except for pedro
  7. Tactical groups in this Police force have always struggled to find the perfect balance between being to serious and being free gear handouts (Looking at you TRU). Trying to find this balance is pretty hard because on one hand you are suppose to be the "better" Cops to deal with hostile situations but you also need to try to include as many people as possible. But with this being a game everyone is going to have a different skill level and knowledge base so being a tac group to get in your going to need some "higher" level of skill then the rest. Im not going to beat around the bush SPG is a kill squad we are here to bring balance to cop, to keep powergamers in check and make cops feel safe to actually roleplay because they know if they get deced on they got big boys on the way to save their ass. What makes a good server is balance, and no matter how many cops are on civs are always going to have the advantage in any hostile situation because they are the ones starting it, they know what their goal is, what they want to achieve and where they want it to take place. Cops on the other hand are more caught off guard by decs and have to have quick reactions to have a positive outcome when being deced on. Also with Cops under all sort of rules on who they can or cannot shoot, Search and restrain they can never really know who is involved, Who is armed and who has got them in their sights. This is proven by the countless times a group of just a few civs have wiped out the entire cop force of sometimes 20+. Prowlers are there for the sake of having them if we need them but i would not want them used very often for the exact reasons you have described. Why would @Nuts drive a convertible to work when he is just a simple carpenter fixing up doors? It is and issue but SPG dosent really have a place on the server right now, their is not much we can do about the ratio besides sit and wait and cross our fingers and hope it comes back when 5.0 comes out I personally would like to have training's in tactical placement of police assets and forces and alot of theory training's around ground strategy and what not as a requirement for all team leaders, then have them take CO for the duration of the hostile sit and return it back after. This is one that can be up for debate at the next police meeting. Prowlers were like Christmas present when 5 TRU guys rocked up with their gear on a shinny platter. Where is Yuki these days anyway? Would be good if he could come back and chuck me his .exe <3 Thanks for taking the time to write out this essay and help us correct up a few mistakes in the protocol. <3
  8. Other games are great and all but how successful can they be in a community focused around Arma 3 Altis Life? Most people are here for Altis life so it does not hurt to put a little more focus towards it.
  9. You are correct i fixed it. The thing is with having a shitload of rules to cover everything sometimes they can ruin good rp chances and what not. This is in place not so we can go "fuck the protocol" and do what we want but more so we can go and break rules like 4.2 and make a pubslot or student practices RP'ing, 4.13 & 4.15 if a guys being a massive cunt/troll, ECT ECT. This is really just in place to allow flexibility around certain rules that may be hindering possible RP on cop and anyone seen abusing it for self benefit i imagine Nuts would kick out of Cabinet. Unsure whats confusing about this 3.1 You may only use lethal force on visibly armed players who pose a direct threat to yourself, other police or civilians. You do not need permission to shoot if a hostile is discharging a weapon. Note: A person with a gun is not necessarily a “threat”. A person is a “threat” if they are pointing the gun at a person in very close proximity, shooting, undertaking an aggravated crime or likely to endanger the public/police. Added the "Yourself bit" Because that should be there otherwise you cant shoot people shooting at you lol. Yeah. Need rules like this Because running over people in hunters is a joke and plus its against server rules now. This also connects back to the 1.10 rule allowing us to pardon people on a case like this. Maybe we could get a poll going and see if we should make Armored Vests Illegal like some other servers do. Unsure what it is maybe a Dev could tel us? i know alot of the Malden updates got rolled back. Added the "selling or giving away police equipment" part. Yeah but when was corruption ever done with good rp in mind and not personal gain. Personally i think it should be against server rules again but for now we are just going to make it as hard as possible to be corrupt. Not too sure havent really discussed it. Properly Bulldog i would guess. We are attempting to make NCO ranks actually mean something for the time being and not bring SSGT back to its old chuck it to whoever used to play state. I'll add it to the list of things the Discuss at the upcoming Police meeting. Something that was previously in. I changed it to just speak to us as that easier and who likes forms anyway. Clarified the rule. There is nothing wrong with a SO being CO but if a inspector+ gets on it should (but dont have to be) transferred to him if he wants it. No CO ranks would ever get promoted if SO's Hogged all the CO'ing all the time. Added 19.5 and 19.6 Yeah the problem with this is what if all the cabinet members are in the same gang or something? no one gets promoted in that gang. Something good to bring up in the cop meeting ill add it to the list. Ill be back later to comment on the SPG related stuff
  10. And update in protocol has just been released. All changes have been highlighted in yellow and i suggest everyone to have a read back through it to make sure you are up to date with all current rules. This protocol is being put into effect immediately. Protocol