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  1. You're pointing out one section of the forums? Oh no, better change it!!! Quick.
  2. Not even using the same theme lol...
  3. Sea of Thieves...

    Hell yea. We should give it a whirl sometime if you're down.
  4. Sea of Thieves...

    Yeah. I'd easily pay $50 max for it. But seeing as its a Microsoft game, they up the price heaps haha. But yeah I'm probably gonna get it either way.
  5. Sea of Thieves...

    Who's gonna be copping Sea of Thieves when it drops? Or already has it... Couple boys and I are gonna grab it I think. Anyone who is getting it and wants to jam, let me know! Price kind of steep at $100 AUD, but eh, it is what it is.
  6. haha it is pretty deep hey. Maybe banger wasn't the right word...
  7. Just wanted to say that this is a banging song. Give it a listen
  8. My guy

    Welcome to the forums Damian!
  9. Quite unsure actually
  10. Turns out the game only has US and EU servers... Lame