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Intro to the Darkness

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Hi all,

I'm redacted you should know me as White, or Black.

I'm joining this community from another. Back in the day i was apart of Straya-gaming. Apparently we had beef? I'm not sure, I never got to eat any.

Although i'm joining for the FiveM server you guys are so wonderfully providing. I'm coming aboard to hopefully help build up this server ( mainly the police, they're a bit lacking ;) ) and have a fun and enjoyable experience all round.

I'll be floating around pretending to know everything and possibly helping you noobs. So come say 'Hi'

Few things to remember;

1. I don't like you.

2. You don't like me.

Remember this, and we'll get along well :)

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Ok.. so i know it makes no difference if you're black or white.. because that's what Michael Jackson said... BUT.. I think people may just want to know now... so...

And I've got a few rules for you Mr..

1. No eating after midnight.

2. Stay out of the sunlight.

3. Never get wet!

Hm... wait.. those rules..

No. They're the perfect rules for you! :D :P

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