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I'm A Cat

The Forgotten Avenger

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Hey Folks.

Thought I'd introduce myself now that I've settled in to the island. My name is Jack Rogers, I'm 78th Cousin of Steve Rogers (who you may know as Captain America) so you can say I'm kind of a big deal. I was actually supposed to have the super serum injected into my body but they chose Steve cause he looked like a little wimp. Luckily, I managed to pinch some of that serum and have been living in the shadows, biding my time. Now, upon finding the island. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to let loose and have a bit of fun. You'll most likely find me cruising around the island in my BMW M2 or drifting around in my Mazda rx7. I've already made some friends on the island and brought some of my own along to have some fun.

See you on the island,


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