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a.m.qureshi's Court Booking

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a.m.qureshi's Court Booking
Application ID #10166
Submitted on 11/23/21 at 04:42:21 AM

Plaintiff Steam Name
Plaintiff Name
Moe Powers
Defendant Name
NSW Police Department
I am filing this out to the best of my abilities and if there's anything to be changed/removed or any further details to be provided, I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Court Summary
I was heading back from sandy towards the city and my car broke down somewhere along the prison, I was in the process of repairing it when I was held at gunpoint by two people coming out of a black BMW, I had my legal weapon taken of me, my phone and I was asked to finish repairing the car and hand over the keys. I complied with the orders that were given to me at gun point and I walked from I'd say 100 meters north of the prison (along the highway) to postcode 599 garage where I reported my 9/11 stolen to the garage keeper, Took my mustang out and got ready for treasure hunting. As I was driving to Del Pierro Wharf, I was pulled over behind the job centre.

I was charged in relation to a bank robbery and my Porsche 9/11 got a strike. While being interviewed by Officer Jackson, He presented me with "Evidence" which were consistent with circumstantial evidence and it is for you to decide your honour, but the charges were missing crucial elements of the crime. The only element they presented to me was the Mens Rea and failed to provide proof or even rational train of thoughts in regards to the other elements of the crime including the physical act of the crime (Actus Rea) and the link (Causation).

I would like to proceed to challenge the charges that were presented to me on the basis that there isn't enough evidence or any reliable information and it seemed/was talked to in a way that the officers personal issues in regards to not catching the actual robber was projected onto me which would be clearly shown in any body cam that can be provided by the state.

If the challenge is successful, I would also like to then proceed to sue the NSW PD for loss of income from both treasure hunting and a sale of profit for my 9/11 during the duration it was impounded. Defamation as I work as the city psychologist at times, Emotional damages, as in the last half an hour before the arrest I experienced a traumatic event and the police officers brushed off any explanation with the set mind to charge me now I feel as if the police aren't there to serve the citizens. The rough estimate I calculated was for 500,000.00 or in contrast I would prefer to claim 10,000.00 from Officer Jacksons and Officer Little as they've charged a citizen with a serious crime such as a bank robbery with little to no admissible evidence, Little to no investigative procedures and next time they proceed to charge someone for such a serious crime they do so with solid evidence.

Do you confirm all information provided is the truth to the best of your knowledge?

Edited by a.m.qureshi
Typos in the Claim Numbers (500,000) and (10,000)
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Mr. Powers,

Before I an issue a formal response to this on behalf of the NSWPF, I have noticed some issues with your submission to the court. Given that you appear to be representing yourself, I have outlined these issues below along with my advice on how you could possibly fix these issues.

The main issue is that you are discussing your legal argument in this submission. You are only required (and advised) to say what charges you are contesting and when you were charged with them (if you have that information). Any statements or testimony you provide in this booking can't be used as evidence and could be considered prejudicial.

The final paragraph outlines some further claims you would like to make. These claims should be heard before a civil court in a separate case. This paragraph should be removed from this booking and placed in a separate one for a civil case.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.


Inspector Arthur Johnson

Prosecutor, New South Wales Police Force

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