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Alexis's Court Booking

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Alexis's Court Booking
Application ID #10027
Submitted on 09/19/21 at 10:01:20 PM

Plaintiff Steam Name
Plaintiff Name
John Gerald
Defendant Name
Request for the Removal of the Strike Recorded against the motor vehicle
Dodge Challenger, Plate Number: DÔêàDGE prior to the 25th of July 2021.
Incorrect number of strikes communicated by an officer prior to the purchase of a motor vehicle.

To Whom it May concern,

My client, JOHN GERALD purchased a motor vehicle on the 25/07/2021 from ZACK ROCHE following typical Vehicle purchasing guidelines.
Which includes verifying that the stated upgrades are installed at a mechanic shop and that any vehicle strikes are known by contacting a member of NSWPD.

My Client made their purchase of the motor vehicle upon verifying with the correct departments that all details were true and correct.

A Strike Check was completed prior to the purchase with Officer CHRIS BOLTON.
The result was that there were no strikes listed for the requested plate.

An hour after the purchase of the vehicle on the same date 25/07/2021, my client was pulled over by Highway Patrol.
During Conversation with the officer, my client was informed that the vehicle had 2 strikes and was instructed to consult with his lawyer.
This implied that the vehicle had two (2) strikes prior to my client's purchase. Information that was displayed incorrectly at the time of purchase.
This information was later verified by myself with Officer EMIYA.

I have since verified that the officer that checked the strike, provided the information that was supplied to him at that time.
From my investigation, all procedures were followed and all parties have independently verified and collaborated on the history of events.
It appears that there was a City record issue where details failed to update (de-sync) when the strike check was conducted.

Request for Action
I am requesting that the strikes be removed for the above vehicle, for the incident recorded prior to the 25th of July 2021.

Do you confirm all information provided is the truth to the best of your knowledge?

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To whom it may concern,

Due to the reasoning you have provided (de-sync) we don't believe the court is the appropriate body to resolve this issue instead we may refer you to the government. In future if you believe there is a clerical issue regarding strikes we would advise you to contact a member of PTD or the prosecutions team directly in order for a quick resolution. Lastly for administrative convenience and common courtesy please bring the matter forwards straight away rather than leave it for 2 months.


Sergeant Jake Pawar


New South Wales Police Force

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