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Rule Change - RWT

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Hi All,

I wanted to start a discussion on changing a long standing rule on the island.

Real World Trading, in terms of store bought cars referred to as "bitcoin cars " ingame.

As it stands, anything purchased in store with real money can not be traded or sold within the island, and to a point i believe this shouldnt change. What i am suggesting however is that the rule be modified to allow sale and trading of store bought cars after they have been owned for a certain amount of time.

I think this should only be allowed to be traded amongst other store bought cars and maybe even discontinued cars, or auctioned off to the richer players in the island with the owner only receving say 40% of the sale price. The whole reasoning behind discontinued cars is economy control after all, what better way to take peoples money then to buy donor cars which are limited release.


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Big -1

How do you propose to be able to track said sales / plate changes?

donor vehicles are restored to players that "lose" cars without question. We need to check these limited cars stay on entitled accounts

Its all ready a task monitoring all the other "taken for granted " items in server.

believe it or not, it's a second job for the staff team.

ie stopping economy wiping by checking players and banning cheaters

even on holiday it's hard to switch off.

regards Bendacat


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