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What is Self Defence.

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Attention Citizens.

I am making this announcement to clear some things up as people appear to be confused by some of the laws within the city. If you are going to use your firearm in self defence legally your life must be placed at direct threat.

For Example shooting at someone who has stolen your vehicle and is not posing a direct threat to your life is not self defence. This is not to be confused with the "Government Rules".

If you have questions feel free to approach me.

Regards, Chief Justice Robert French [Mitty]

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47 minutes ago, die said:

I'm going to guess this pertains to someone attempting to hold you at gunpoint but not stating hostile intention?

It's case by case. If you're being held at gunpoint you shouldn't really do anything cause government rules. If they leave and no longer a threat then yes it's no longer self defence.

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