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Hey mate, Welcome to Ozzygaming, I hope personally you enjoy your time here. There are quite a few good ways to make money, Trucking and Landscaping being the best Non whitelisted jobs currently. Or, You are able to apply for a Job as a Mechanic, Car Dealer, Bartender etc. Best of luck :)

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If you're looking for legitimate work then PD pays pretty well, unsure about EMS but I'm sure it also pays well. If you want an extra $200 every paycheck cycle then get a donor subscription (which gives money even when off duty like police or something where you normally get $0 paycheck). Also gives you $100k for the first month and $50k after which should be good to help you get started.

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Hey man, welcome! Just go to the job centre and begin doing a job there, however, if you are looking for something more challenging, then head over to the Official Ozzy Gaming discord and join some of the business discords to apply for a whitelisted job. If you are looking at making a naughty career in crime, then make sure to find out within roleplay.


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