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  1. Hackuou's Magistrate Application -------------------- OOC Contact Info https://steamcommunity.com/id/hackuou/ Hackuou#2148 -------------------- Character Name Thomas Green -------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) N -------------------- Why do you wish to become a magistrate? My cousin Arnold Peterson resided over a criminal case as the magistrate and learnt a lot throughout the course of the case, because of this I feel I would make a good addition to the court house, I have also done a lot of research into court systems and how trials and other things work and I feel I know more than enough to be able to reside over cases myself. I have a strong passion for law and the court system and hope I can help make use of it. I want to see the court system on Ozzy used more and by becoming a member of it I hope I can do that. -------------------- What do you think the role of a Magistrate is? To reside over cases, to discuss any matters that come up regarding law and to keep order in the court room, in criminal cases the judge hands out the sentencing while jury presents the verdict of guilty or not. In a civil case the judge decides the outcome of the case and whether the plaintiff should receive any sort of compensation. (The judge also does things like overrule or sustain objections).
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