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  1. OzzyGaming DarkRP Rules Main Rules English only, other languages may result in a kick/ban. No impersonating other players or staff members. No lying to staff members otherwise your punishment will be worse. Do not Advertise other communities. Do not minge or troll. No toxic behaviour to Players or Staff. Do not be racist, homophobic or sexist. Do not abuse exploits or glitches. If you find one please report it to a member of staff or make a bug report in the discord. Do not Prop Climb, prop surf, prop kill, prop spam. Do not call admins in OOC, use the report system(type “/report”). Do not swear, be offensive, or take arguments and aggressive negotiations between players into OOC. Do not spawn props, no-collide them, turn no gravity on. this is fail rp. Do not Mic spam or Minge. Do not use any form of Cheats/Hacks. If your found to have any you will be banned from the server. Do not counter a rule break with a rule break.(If someone is RDMing, do not kill them. Rather make a report). RDM is not allowed (Random Deathmatch) - Killing someone without reason is highly against the rules. Do not use the out-of-character (OOC) chat for in-character/in-roleplay purposes. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) - When you die don't return / interact with the area you died in for 3 minutes. Don't randomly weapon check players. You may only do random checks if in Police Department. FearRP - Your life should be valued, if a cop asks for you to do something do it. If you're being mugged you have to comply (If you dont have a weapon out, and you are ordered to do something you must comply). No baiting - Shooting or having your gun out to make police raid/chase you or Adverting to be raided. Don't metagame. This means if someone “advert raid assist”, you cant kill them unless you see them do the illegal activity. You MUST advert crimes (Raid/Mug/Kidnapl). You must advert warns, give the player at least 3 seconds to comply. Don't RDA (Random Arrest). Don't destroy your printers to avoid the raider(s) getting them. When being raided you MUST use your keypads/buttons otherwise it will be classed as fading door abuse. Only the Casino Workers are allowed to build in the casino. If one of your gang members are being Arrested/Mugged/Kidnapped you have to advert counter before you can help them. If a player is tresspassing inside your base, and you do not have a kos sign, you have the right to kill him after giving him a warning and a minimum of 3 seconds. Do not cover the map with props. Purchasing money printers from others is at your risk. Management is not in charge of refunding this as its at your risk. KOS signs must be visible from outside. If a cop sees you with a gun out and no gun license they can arrest you unless the mayor's laws state otherwise. Raiding/Crime Rules A raid can only last 10 minutes. "KOS if near" is NOT allowed as part of adverts No spawning props when raiding. All members of a Raid MUST advert (Raid/Assist) The max mug amount is 5k and the victim must be given 10 seconds to react. You must wait 10 minutes before raiding again, or the same base for 15 - After the raid has ended. You may only mug/kidnap every 10 minutes. Don't raid a base with a building sign. If all members of a raid die before the 5 minutes are up, then the raid is over. If you are raiding and die you may return after 3 minutes if you have a teammate still alive in the base, If You are defending only return 3 min after death. Do not have Kidnapp/Raid/Assist/Counter as a advert, advert each separately. If a police officer is within 15m of you raid and is posing a visible threat, you have the right to shoot him. Once you have to lockpick a door you have to advert. Government Rules The Police Commander and or SWAT Commander is in charge of the SWAT other officers. Police must arrest players that have commited a crime, else its FailRP/Corruption which will result in a warning. You must follow the mayor's laws and respond to all crime. You may not weapon check someone without a valid RP reason unless they are in the PD. PD members are not allowed to own ANY doors. You are not allowed to bait to start a raid, e.g. trespassing on a base. If a PD member baits and gets killed, the police cannot raid. PD members cannot let non-PD members inside of the PD. You can not raid on the basis of hearing printers, you must have visual sight of printers to raid. No abusing your battering ram, you must have a valid reason. The Poliec are not allowed to own printers or bitminers. Police raids can only last up to 15min. Police are not allowed to assist a criminal with any type of crime.(Opening the vault so criminals can raid it etc.) Police cannot build in PD without the mayors permission. Do not make warrants on the information recieved by a witness, you have to confirm the information before you put out a warrant. Police are not allowed to use stunstick without valid reason. If the mayor has initiated lockdown, police have to warn every player they see out in public, only if the player is ignoring the police and has been given a minimum of 15 seconds, the police have the right to arrest him. If you see a crime, you have to respond to it.If not it is seen as being corrupt and will result in a warn. Stun Stick boosting while raiding is not allowed before the warrant is accepted. Do not arrest players in spawn, unless they are Killing/Kidnapping/Mugging a player.(Do not arrest for having weapons out in spawn). The PD are not allowed to gamble at the Casino. Mayor rules As mayor you are not allowed to inforce laws. Do not add laws that counter Rules like random weapon checking is allowed, you also cant order PD to RDA. As mayor, if you accept a false warrant you will also be held accountable for the officers actions. Mayor is not allowed to base outside the PD. Both the mayor and a member of staff have to give permission to build a checkpoint. As mayor, initiating a false lockdown is against the server rules.The only valid reasons for a lockdown are the following:PD-Raid, Bank-Raid and if the mayor has been kidnapped (In the case of the mayor being kidnapped the Police Commander/ SWAT Commander can initiate lockdown) The mayor cannot add laws that will lead to mrda or mrdm like conditions such as but not limited to: jaywalking is aos/kos speaking is aos/kos jumping/running is aos/kos Nor can mayor make illegal acts such as raiding/mugging/kidnapping/owning printers outside of the bank/drugs/etc legal If the mayor is to allow people in the PD they cannot make it a blanket statement like "PD is open to all" nor can they willing let people in who are clearly trying to raid the vault (corruption is considered failrp) Building Rules Do not prop block. Only 5 fading/moving doors are allowed. Keypads must hold for 5+ seconds. Place a building sign down when building to prevent raids but you can't have raidables with a building sign. There must be an entrance to your base that passes through public land or land you own. You may only buy doors to your own building. Every fading/moving door must have a keypad either side which is visible. Printers can't be hidden in props to stop others getting to them. KOS signs are allowed but you can only kill them once they're inside the property and KOS sign MUST be a font of 40+. KOS Reasons must be specific. All reasons/Annoying/Loitering are not valid reasons. Do not Build in the jail cells. The fading door tool is for doors only. Not for bridges or other kind of builds that keeps people out of your base. You are not allowed to build over an ATM location in a way which prevents access to other users and/or allows you to deposit money risk free. You cannot place a KOS line on the pavement in the middle of town (main street) or in the spawn area. You must be a hobo to build on the sidewalk, unless given permission to by an admin and the mayor. This also applies if you wish to make checkpoints etc, always get admin permission before doing so.(No one is allowed to build on the streets unless given permission by an admin). Do not have a building sign and a KOS sign at the same time. Do not user money printers with a building sign. You may not use no-collided props, these can only be for decoration. The space between fading doors in a base should be enough to fit 2 people wide x 2 people long. You may not use a collided prop as floor for entrance. Don't build at spawn. You can have one-way props, but you CANNOT use them to shoot at raiders. Dont build in a raid or whilst getting raided. Do not build on top of tunnels Do not build in tunnels that lead to other areas of the map.You are only allowed to build in a dead-end tunnel. All Fading doors/Moving doors must have a open time of at least 5 seconds. Do not use Fences for moving doors, as they cannot be broken.And it gives the defenders an unfair advantage. Banned Bases Kill boxes ( These are boxes / Rooms that are unclear in where to get to and are used for the sole purpose of killing Raiders) Jump / Parkour bases (These are bases that require you to jump from platform to platform in order to get to your fading door or keypad.) Overhang bases (An elevated section of a base, protected by storefront props which allows defenders to shoot raiders before they've breached the front door. Angle Bases (Bases where the defender can see and shoot the the attacker but the attacker cannot see them) Maze bases (bases where you add many turns to increase the total distance) Crouch bases (bases where crouching is required) Job Specific BITMINER - Your bitminers are legal, however you are still able to be raided.Bitminers cant Raid/Assist/Counter. MEDICS - Do not Base with criminals. you also cant Raid/Assist/Counter. Medics cannot be hired as “Personal medics” they have to provide services to all players. Medics are allowed to open their own healing shops. HITMEN - Are not allowed to counter/raid/assist, base or use bitcoin miners/printers. GUN DEALER – You have to sell guns.You cannot base with criminals. Self supply is not allowed. You cannot Raid/Assist/Counter. HOBO – You cannot build on the streets, only on sidewalks, and you are not allowed to block off any type of entrances/NPC’s. METH COOKER – You cannot Raid/Assist/Counter/Mug. WEED COOK – You cannot Raid/Assist/Counter/Mug. Kidnapping Rules You have to wait at least 15 minutes to kidnap once after you have released/killed someone, and 45 minutes to kidnap the same person. You can only keep your hostage for no longer than 10 minutes. To begin a kidnapping, make sure to advert any form of kidnap before beginning to apprehend someone. The maximum asking price of ransom is set at 50K. Do not mix kidnapping and raiding in the same keybind. Punishing your hostage is allowed, but killing without reason is still seen as RDM. If the time runs out, you are allowed to kill your hostage. You cannot kidnap people in spawn! Clan/Group Rules You need your clan name clearly stated in your name. No more than 10 people within one clan Do not commit any crimes against your clan e.g. Raids, Mugs, Kidnapping. (Only difference in this rules is if a member of a clan is police and sees another member doing something illegal). No racism/promoting any offensive content within a clan e.g. KKK clan. Clan alliances are NOT allowed. This is to avoid stupidly overpowered clans and balance it out for smaller players. Last Edit (11/1/2020 - KoaszzTV)
  2. Mm aint no owner but we are definetly DarkRP
  3. Spiky and I have been busy and are currently away/going away. Curtis can not do some of the final things, we will get back to the server as soon as we possibly can. Thank you all for your patience, KoaszzTV
  4. Hi Awpnoobius, Thank you for submitting your Rockford Police Force Application application. Your Application status is currently: SUCCESSFUL Members of the Police Cabinet team have decided to accept you into the role and position of a Police Trainee. To be trained and receive your privileges please do not hesitate to join the GMod Police Lobby when you can. Please note, By becoming a Police Officer of the Rockford Police Department, You abide by the protocol at all times. Kind regards, KoaszzTV Rockford Police Cabinet Member
  5. Hi Spongebob Furry, Thank you for submitting your Rockford Police Force Application application. Your Application status is currently: SUCCESSFUL Members of the Police Cabinet team have decided to accept you into the role and position of a Police Trainee. To be trained and receive your privileges please do not hesitate to join the GMod Police Lobby when you can. Please note, By becoming a Police Officer of the Rockford Police Department, You abide by the protocol at all times. Kind regards, KoaszzTV Rockford Police Cabinet Member
  6. Hi Ozzz, Thank you for submitting your Rockford Police Force Application. Your Application status is currently: Unsuccessful Members of the Rockford Police Force Cabinet and Administration have reviewed your application and have come to the conclusion that you failed to fill out the application with enough detail. Please note, you can re-apply in 1 week from now. Kind regards, KoaszzTV Rockford Police Department Cabinet Member
  7. Hi Spongebob Furry, Thank you for submitting your Rockford Police Force Application. Your Application status is currently: Pending Initial Review Members of the Rockford Police Force Cabinet and Administration will now review your application. If you are successful through this process, the next stage will be on the next reply on you application from a member of the Police Force Cabinet. Kind regards, KoaszzTV Rockford Police Department Cabinet Member
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