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  1. Changelog General Rules 1.11 City Zones (blue circles) are areas that do not allow any of the following: Civilians are not permitted primary weapons, with the exception of the PDW, inside City Zones. Civilian operated MRAPs (Strider, Hunter, Ifrit) are not permitted inside City Zones.
  2. The server is now live with 4.5 and all set up and ready to go. The development team has spent a lot of time testing and making sure that everything is ready to go for launch but some things might have slipped through the cracks. If you do find any of these make sure to submit a bug report through the in-game phone (Y menu), try to be as detailed as possible. If anyone has any issues or concerns feel free to come talk to Asaayu or I on teamspeak.
  3. When the update is released everyone will have to have their whitelisting redone, anyone who does not come to get their whitelisting done within the first week will have to reapply for that faction.
  4. Hello OzzyGamers! The long-awaited release date for 4.5 is finally here! After many late nights and grueling FiveM restart announcements (hopefully someone still has @everyone enabled on discord) we are proud to announce OzzyGaming 4.5.2 will finally be ready to release on Friday the 6th of September at 3:00pm AEST! To celebrate we’ve given everyone 15 million and anyone who runs out can come to helpdesk for a refill! We’ve saved all your old stuff already so no need to worry, Whatever you had on Sunday 01/09/19 will be what you have when Altis Life 4.5
  5. Changelog General Rules 1.8 Power-gaming. Power-gaming is the act of working towards a goal without the intent of role-play. Power-gaming may include, but is not limited to, activities such as: Civilians engaging hostile roleplay in groups larger than 8 when not committing a major robbery Excessive hostile role-play towards new players Vehicle Rules 2.2 Vehicle ramming without a valid roleplay reason is not permitted. Hostages 4.1 You must be willing to negotiate with the police in regards to the amount you wish to receive for
  6. Changelog Vehicle Rules 2.0 Players may not run over another player for any reason, or intentionally get themselves run over for any reason. If a player is run over during hostile roleplay, whether directly or indirectly, and the vehicle driver or their party can provide evidence to a staff member that they were not at fault, they may shoot the runover player. If a player is run over accidently during hostile roleplay, they must be left to take the first action, or until 5 seconds has passed at the end of animations. Taking the first action can be defined as a
  7. http://www.strawpoll.me/18537219
  8. There is currently, and has been for a while, an issue with vehicles not going back into your garage if they are left out on restart, if you notice any vehicles missing you can leave a comment with your in-game name or come to helpdesk and a staff member will restore them for you.
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