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  1. slow and steady i'm testing. so far the focus crashes the client and the golf R I added doesn't have long distance loding
  2. What we could do is place a couple more in key locations like where the houses are. Our system doesn't really support having heaps of individual ones but like I said a few more in key locations could definitely help.
  3. Out of date but i'll try Got replacement need addon. replacement need addon. I'll try though Dont think we need these got might work got Out of date
  4. Hey bends this just one of a few things I really wanted to do a wiki for the sever
  5. Hi all!

    Hi End0 was that FiveM or Arma 3? Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
  6. South Side Customs will be an alternative high-end vehicle customisation shop run close to the beach Prices will be a case by case quotes as every car is different and vary in condition. So be sure to head down to the South Side Customs for quality servicing and modification* and free quotation. CEO - T. Smith *South Side Customs will not be held accountable for any modification that is deemed Illegal, It is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to check local laws on vehicle modifications.
  7. Can definitely look into more modes of surf!
  8. If you don't want to play altis life don't play it. Simply look up game design and player engagement research look at most other games. Educate your selves.
  9. So add group leaders? That the group creator sets(forgets to set)? Or just make all gang memers be able to invite. Eliminating the oh the group leader disconnected better disband mid fight and reform
  10. Weapons are far to easy to get. Bos spent 6 hours crafting and built 4 ifrits 2 mk200s with 3 belts each and 4 gilli and 4 ctrg vests....... 1 man and truck 6 hours....
  11. I want more details. Need to give a written application for time off the wife before close of buisness today.
  12. Hello all! As expected there have been issues, don't think any game, ever launches these days with out a day one patch. @Bailey P. and @John Smith are working hard to fix some of the quick bugs and we will push a restart before peak tonight. Undoubtedly people will be able to find other bugs/issues and have Ideas so I ask you to head over to the forums and pop a post in https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/index.php?/forum/9-altis-life-suggestions/ Also if anyone has lots any kit from the incidents this morning and late last night can you please pop a ticket in https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/index.php?/support/ We will get through these request as quick as we can! Thank you all for your support and thank you @Bailey P. @John Smith @Ryan for the hard work!