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  1. Would you be interested in help us out Pedro?
  2. Cheers to all that helped us make a nice long list. we will work through it over this weekend as much as possible.
  3. Caldweld

    Hi all, I'm pretty much the bilge pump operator of the ozzygaming ship and I vow to keep it afloat.
  4. It's shift + pageup/down cyx So no issue there.
  5. So as we continue along with altis 5.0 dev work we need to start making a list of features people couldn't live without. I'm not looking for things people don't like or want added this is just the core of what we have already and would not want to see go. No discussion needed in here make a new thread if you want to suggest new things or changes please. So far i have. - Truck missions - Plane missions - Knock out and Rob players - Federal reserve robbery - Gas station robbery - Drug runs - Crafting - Rebel store - Hidden text messages - Short cut keys shift-r shift-t shirt-g shift-j - Different cop ranks / departments - Mod Shops - Houses w Storage & Garages - Donator Skins - Drug use effects - The quick withdraw and deposit all buttons on the atms - Free Group Creation - what ever system thats in place to stop people and vehicles poping up in your map like in default arma and some other life servers - ui at the bottom of the screen - desync lights.... i mean blinkers - Cops placeables, lockers, speed radar, not laggy lights and sirens that dont glow across the whole maps. - Vehicle Loading / Unloading - page up and down to raise/lower sound