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  1. Completely disagree with ya there, some of the greatest moments I've had on the server involved corruption RP. (Don't tell Barry)
  2. Been saying this since the start completely agree
  3. @Molotov yeah so @Boss said he was busy sorry
  4. Welcome back 3rd best commissioner I missed you
  5. It's absolutely unacceptable
  6. When you realize almost every game server uses this theme not just Straya
  7. Is now, when the server has basically no devs or players not the time you're talking about?
  8. You're welcome @Logan
  9. u remind me of ur fat head
  10. Bit of an issue with the amount donated option Nobody has logs of how much I or people from years ago donated so a lil unfair
  11. P.S I don't mind cats5507692-cat-m.jpg