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Heya Everyone

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Hi Guys..

Name is Ghostieman, Moderate gamer and all round nice guy..

I have been checking out Fivem and wanted to join a server there but as a noob, i dont want to insult or piss anyone off.

So, I want to join the police/highway patrol and I am hoping those alrerady involed can set me on the right road..

I play COD, GTAV and Second Life and love shooters so joining the lspd is something new for me ( i usually find myself on the wrong side of the law)..

so if anyone has any pointers or if current members within the law enforcement community wouldnt mind, a few hints and tips would be great..

Thanks Guys


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Hi Ghostieman,

Welcome to the OzzyGaming Community! If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact myself on the forums or via discord.

My best hint/ tip mate would be reading the FiveM server rules back to front; you have to treat it like a bible!

Also, play the server for around a week before applying as a Police Officer because this way, you'll fully understand the rules and develop a genuine accord with regular community members.

All the best for your endeavours on the server mate,


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