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New here just looking for some advice from the vets

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Hey everyone,

I am new to the whole RP scene. I would love to get into it.

I logged into the game and the whole thing was very overwhelming. I was unsure how to use voice chat as the key assigned was not working and I could not see my mouth moving. I was also unaware of how to change my characters appearance to match the story I had in mind.

After visiting the website and reading all the rules I was then even more so overwhelmed. As a first time Roleplayer I was worried that if I made a mistake I would be either kicked or banned which is frankly not what I envisioned would be "fun".

I am still super excited to start, however, I am just unsure if this server is to advanced for me? If not, does anyone know of any videos or forums I can read to get a better understanding on how to start? Or is it okay if I join and make a few mistakes here and there. I don't want to join and break character but what happens if I don't know how to put my hands up (C I think) or perform a certain action? Is there a way to break RP to ask? Will that irritate players?


Thanks for your time,

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Hey Cogan,

Also willing to help out when I'm online if needed (Steam Name: Whitey - Main Character: Paqu Jamal), As long as you're willing to learn then a good Roleplayer will want to help... If you want to be a tiprat, you're on your own.

1. First off I would join the discord located here > Discord.gg/ozzygaming < Great place to ask questions.
2. Next download TS3 > https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ < this is because if you need to go to Helpdesk (Either you're in trouble or if someone has broken the rules therefore causing you to lose something) or join a Whitelisted business you'll need it.
3. Take your time creating your character (You can make up to 3 characters). Choose a suitable roleplay name, otherwise you will have to change it. If you don't like something you can always change it later at a Barber and a Clothes Store, but you will be charged.
4. Rules - Read them in the context to know not to break them - Don't read them as a way of finding loopholes

5. Make sure your voice chat has a Hotkey, but also go to the Voice Chat in the Settings menu and fix the settings there as well. Also if you ever have issues with the voice head there and toggle both of the enabled settings off and then on again.


6. Avoid carrying Large amounts of Cash on you, instead leave it in your bank account where it is safe. You access this via an ATM. Most businesses will let you pay via invoices located in your `~ key menu.


7. Go and get a Drivers License (Map Marker 140) and a Job (Map Marker 383, 1022, 3012) - Instruction manuals can be found on this Forum.


8. The most important one - IF IN DOUBT ASK, ASK, ASK! pleading ignorance annoys everybody, asking a question hurts no one.

9. Have a fun time but don't deliberately ruin others. Getting a name for yourself in RP for the wrong reasons (e.g. Rule Breaking) will stick with you for a long time).

10. Hotkeys:


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