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  1. Hi Cat, There isn't a list because every dealership has different prices. What happens is for each car the government gives a Cost Price that the dealership buys it for + a maximum price that they are allowed to sell it for - This cost price may change from time to time. Its then up to the individual dealership to decide what percentage they markup the vehicle within those limits so that the dealership makes profit and they can pay staff wages. some dealerships do have discount programs in place and business partnerships that will lower that percentage (e.g. Fishers has a Platinum Membership to lower the percentage). This is the same as mechanics with their modifications. I know its not the answer you are looking for but hopefully this helps.
  2. Thank you for your interest in working with The Daily Wire, please complete the application below to the best of your ability. Link: https://forms.gle/P7RbLFBtQFdwomzR9 Discord: https://discord.gg/ryFpD8r
  4. In Game Name – Paqu Jamal Steam Name - Whitey Discord Tag - Whitey How long have you been a part of the OzzyGaming community? 2 Months + Do you have any prior experience with video editing and/or basic website editing? Minor across both but high level in spreadsheets. (IN CHARACTER QUESTIONS) Tell us about yourself and your time on the island so far (minimum 100 words) – The name is Paqu Jamal, Im a young male that has come to Los Santos from a Latino Background seeking a better life. I can’t give you my exact age due to the fact of no official documentation of my birth. Upon the island I have bounced across several jobs to make ends meet – one providing security to the former commissioner JJ West. What I am looking for is a true purpose to make all Latinos proud. Why do you wish to pursue a career with The Daily Wire (be as descriptive as possible) – I believe it would be good to dive into the day to day lives of all members in Los Santos and tell its true story – No matter how light or dark it is! All whilst being respectful to the community and the Government + its services. How would you describe your work style? Hard working across the board. What is your personal mission statement? To provide and serve the Community at large Do you understand that you will be held to a higher level of accountability than other government approved jobs, as we are constantly in the public eye? Yes Should your application be successful, do you agree to a one week PAID probationary internship during which time your journalism skills will be assessed? Yes
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