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Whats Everyone frame rate on a full sever? (FPS)

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My system could do with an upgrade I'm only running a 1070 32GB Ram with i7 6700k, What's everyone else computer set up and frames? Curious to know everyone else experience with Ozzy ATM? Performance wise after the player increase to 180. ( Desync/performance ? )

Gonna be upgrading to a new CPU soon etc..

curious to get some feed back from other people and there set ups..

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I have not noticed a significant impact to frames. Mine, inside and outside of the city, have only dropped below 60 a couple of times while I have been on the server (and I've been on for several hours now). There are a few "desync" issues where the server is freezing for a few seconds, however I have already made fixes to these in the soonÔäó to be released update.

For reference, I'm only running on a i7 4770k, GTX 970 and 16GB of RAM.

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Im running an i7-4770, GTX 1080, 24GB RAM. The only occasionaly thing I get is texture loss but apart from that I dont notice anything less then 60fps which matches my screen refresh rate anyway.

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