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G'day all,

I am completely new to RP and FiveM but I'm really keen to get into it and give it a try. I've been playing GTA V for years and RP looks fun.
Looking forward to meeting some of you in the city. Keep an eye out for Dan Shay.

Lastly, if anyone can point me in the direction on any "how to" (basically, n00b-level stuff for RP) that would be greatly appreciated. Would like to learn how to know how to use my muscle's.

Thanks guys!


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10 hours ago, Jacob Lopez said:

Hey brother nice to see you around if your looking to do some of cool shit think about joining the Police Force ;)

Thanks for the heads up Jacob. The police force is 100% where I wanna end up down the track for sure and it is on my radar (pun not intended) I wanna get a bit of time under my belt in the city and get a bit of a feel for the city/RP for a couple of weeks before I dive into it.

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45 minutes ago, 1030 said:

Hey ducck1ing,

Welcome to the community!

You can find the OzzyGaming guide here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SrHFDyxi2-E91OkvbaSfc13YloFExLlYmnW4yzllemA/edit

Generally if you post on twitter in game that you're new and looking for someone to show you around, someone will oblige :)

Hope you see you in game!

Awesome! Thank you very much for the guide. That will help out immensely!!

I'm just about to boot up now. I've gone as far as getting a license but still unemployed. I won't bug you guys for what job is good as I could see the Twitter feed on every second person asking what's good. I'll just pick one and grind a bit.

Additionally, I did join the discord as well just to keep in the loop with some announcements etc etc.

Thanks again and hope to see you around!

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