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FiveM 2.4.2 Change log [26/08/19]

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Hello everyone, this changelog will consist of the fractured updates since the last recorded update. In other news, we now have two new developers @Snipes-Murphyand @Delexical so please welcome them if you haven't done so already!


  • Icons for Tool and Ammo containers for the inventory HUD.
  • Added Casino DLC Casino mapping.
  • Various anti-cheat measures.
  • A death/incapacitation check for the phone, and the inventory.
  • Tequilala job
  • Executive Protection job
  • Night vision goggles - you can buy these from the hardware store, they are toggleable by using the item.
  • New character creation HUD - this is now more streamlined and should offer less buggy clothing options for newer players/current players.
  • Court house
  • Bike stands to Mission Row PD and Bolingbrook Penitentiary.
  • New jail system. Watch this space as more changes will be coming.
  • The ability for Thompsons Auto Sales and Salvage to chop NPC Vehicles, more information on his later.
  • When selling drugs, players will now receive a small gift, these gifts will have their respective advantages/disadvantages we will let you figure out the disadvantages...
    • Joints will regenerate your health.
    • Bumps will give you unlimited stamina for a period of time
    • Mollys will give you armour.
  • Brand new Police cuffing animation, looks very cool.


  • Beekers vehicle deleter marker is now invisible.
  • Black market store gun prices have reduced.
  • Inventory dropping has been removed, and in its place is destroying items. This will notify nearby players through the use of a forced /me to combat pesky people dropping items whilst they are being held up.
  • Invoices are now character specific
  • Inspectors of the Police Force now have their snipes back (Not sure what happened there).
  • Toggle player ID's is now bound to "Shift + U".
  • Galaxy Nightclub has received some exterior updates.
  • Businesses should now all have phone applications.
  • All dealership showrooms now show their respective vehicle rotations.
  • Airlines now have a vehicle delete point at LS International airport
  • Diving/Light Diving suits now look like diving suits.
  • Painting booth door at Bennys has been removed to allow for some more space In the shop.
  • Tackle range has been reduced.
  • Mining has been buffed.


  • Landscaping job
  • ATMS. Players must now get out of their vehicles to use them.
  • Traffic to a certain extent, vehicles shouldn't spawn in large piles anymore.


  • Various buggy animations that allowed people to glitch through walls.

I am sure there are many more changes I have missed, I will add them as I remember them.

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