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G'day Fellas! My names Jeff Jefferson!

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G'day Fellas! B|
My name is Jeff Jefferson and I have been apart of the GTAV/O Community since the day of its release on Xbox 360, I have since moved to Xbox One and played on their and then moved to GTAO on pc and started to do some cheeky shit online. :D But I ended up having a break from the game because it got boring.

After a few weeks I figured out that you could mod GTA Story Mode I have been modding and editing my own and other peoples mods and just all round ducking with stuff I never used to know about! But I have made modifications to Handling Files for Modded Vehicles and some custom scripts.

I had always wanted to play modded GTA 5 with my mates and sometime in September I discovered FiveM and I told my mates about it, I have played on basically all the Aussie FiveM RP servers and we all got in trouble by admins for many things but we never got kicked or banned... Well we didn't exactly do anything to get in trouble but you know, some people get bored and wanna Duck up your day but we ended up join OzzyGaming and we loved it! It was the best server that was in the OCE region, so ever since my mates and I have played.


My name is Jeff Jefferson and I work as a Beeker's Garage & Parts, My boss "Russel Coight" is a bloody legend and we get along.

I am a friendly guy, I like to make new friends and would love to become a member of the community!

Thanks for Reading and I hope to see you in-game!



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