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FiveM Change log 2.0.0 [12/12/2018]

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G'day OzzyGamers.

As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here.

Note: This change log is not exhaustive. A monumental amount of work has gone into 2.0.0, which means it is likely that I have missed a few things.


- Player Wallet (Press "K" to access this.) This will display your job information and finances.

- Default chat with some minor additions.

- Chat command suggestions for every command.

- /Flip command. This is a proximity-based script that will return either "Heads" or "Tails".

- 4 tiers of weapon licenses. These licenses have varying prices. This is designed to make it harder to access legal weapons. Police can remove this license if the player has been involved in illegal activity.

- Added a DMV. You now need to complete a theory driving test to get your license. Please note that not having your license doesn't prevent you from driving vehicles.

- A hot key to toggle the ID above players heads. By default, these IDs will be hidden. Press "U" to toggle this function for 30 seconds, once 30 seconds is up, ID's will auto toggle off.

- Police now can view your unpaid fines/invoices.

- Police now can remove any license.

- Players now have an option to send a distress signal when they are incapacitated.

- Dynamic weather.

- New more stylish job display UI.

- Union Depository Robbery.

- Jewelery Store Robbery.

- Less buggy ATM UI.

- "Streamer mode" This will get rid of those pesky overlays and prevent the chat from re-appearing when people send new messages. You can toggle this by typing "/togglehud".

- Toggleable player hints. Type /togglehints to turn them on and off.

- Apartments are now available in Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores.

- Scripted safe zones at Blaine County PD, Sandy Shore PD, Mission Row PD, Low-End Car Dealer, Job Vehicle Seller, and Twilight Auto.

- By popular request, Winnie Blue's and Lighters are now available from any shop, simply use your Winnie Blue's with a lighter in your inventory to trigger the smoking animation.

- Big Bob's Towing is now available to tow vehicles, they are situated in the city.

- Brand new loading screen with randomized text. Displays also displays your steam information. Big props to @Ryan for this one! (Currently Disabled).

- Base Jumping. You can now go to several high locations on the map and pay $500 for a Parachute. So you can... Jump?

- Mount Chiliad Cable Cars.

- Additional locations in Sandy Shores and Blaine County for EMS personnel.

- Brand new civilian cuffing system. Buy zip ties, pliers, and rope from the utility store to cuff/uncuff/drag.

- New jobs: Landscaping, and Trucking. These jobs utilize a leveling system. With every new level you will be paid more, have access to new depot vehicles, and your work area will change.

- Police CAD.


- Player UI has been updated, this is now much more smooth, and the positioning makes sense now

- Player houses/apartments now have unique garages. The more property you own, the more garages you have access to. Please note that only players who own the corresponding properties can see the associated garage.

- /Me now displays 3D text above the players head, rather than writing to chat.

- Player death notifications now utilize the new notification system.

- Due to popular request, the hospital is now open to the public.

- Vehicle number plates are now handled differently. This change is an attempt to fix the issue with vehicles plates getting mixed up.

- Stores now allow you to buy more than one of a particular item at one time.

- Robbery payout prices have been scaled based on the type of robbery, the order is as follows: Store Robbery > Generic Fleeca Bank Robberies > Jewelry Store Robbery > Blaine County Bank Robbery > Principal Bank Robbery > Union Depository Robbery.

- Handcuffs now have a timer, if a player is cuffed for an excessive amount of time, then they will be uncuffed. This is designed to aid players left in the middle of nowhere cuffed.

- GoAir is now located in Sandy Shores and Grapeseed to have a more central presence.

- All drugs are now usable! Using a bag of Weed will allow you to run faster for a limited time. Using a bag of Heroin will allow you to swim faster for a limited time (good for Treasure Hunting). Using a bag of Meth will heal 20% health. Using a bag of Cocaine will give you armour and recover 30% of your health.

- Players will now be notified when they are being searched by a Police officer.

- Players will now be notified when their license is being checked by a Police officer.

- "Del" player list has been overhauled.

- Reduced the max amount of characters to two characters.

- Character selection screen has been overhauled.

- Players will additionally be able to switch their character at the International Airport rather than using a /command on the fly.

- Characters now have their own unique inventories and finances.

- Speed cameras have been converted from MPH to KMPH, additionally, they also have a new layout.

- Disabled the exit vehicle key while Mechanics are modifying vehicles.

- Respawn tax is now scaled off the amount of money in the players bank.

- To rob a bank or anything similar, you now need a weapon.


- Time sync.

- Fixed issue with the clothing store not saving your outfit unless you use a numeric value.

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