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FiveM Change Log 1.4 [16/04/2018]

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G'day OzzyGamers.

As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here.


- Reward for reviving people as EMS.

- BZT Gas for Police CO's.

- Police can now see each other on the map.

- GD Evoke Wagon for Police.

- Police Undercover Commodore.

- ID above the players head (this is primarily here to report rule breakers - you may not use this in RP).

- The Poloski Vineyard (Contact Endo to be hired for this job).


- /twt command - when you use this command, it now calls your RP name, rather than your steam name.

- Police alert system - This will now be less spammy, Police will now only be alerted to citizens brawling, or citizens discharging a firearm.


- Butcher Job.

- Gasoline Manufacturer Job.

- Taxi vehicle spawning issue

- Recent server crashes.

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