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FiveM Development Update 2.5.9

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OzzyGaming June Update 1

Scripting Updates

Housing System Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the property inventories being unavailable after switching to a different character
  • Fixed issue where players instances weren't being destroyed when logging out in properties
  • Fixed issue with where players would enter a guest instance when trying to enter a property as an owner

Developers involved in this project: Boss.

Videogeddon Arcade Updates

  • Arcade machines now have a game attached to them. Customers of this business can now exchange money for arcade tokens to be able to access the Pacman minigame. In future updates, there will be a leader board added so that customers can flex their Pacman skills.

Developers involved in this project: Boss and Namula.

Casino Update

  • Two Three Card Poker have been added and will serve as the latest table game for the Casino. Enjoy losing your money on this table!

Developers involved in this project: Boss and Wrath.

Asset Updates


  • Casino interior tables have been reshuffled to allow for two Three Card Poker tables.

Developers involved in this project: Wrath.

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