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TianiBee's Court Booking

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TianiBee's Court Booking
Application ID #10220
Submitted on 12/17/21 at 07:46:19 AM

Plaintiff Steam Name
Plaintiff Name
Pitt Langley
Defendant Name
New South Wales Police Department
My client provides instructions as follows:
- Following an extensive investigation by Major Crimes Division ("MCD") of the New South Wales Police Department ("NSWPD"), my client's convictions were quashed on 29/09/2021, before an Appeal judge panel
- At the first hearing (where Mr Langley was found guilty by Judge Masters) Mr Langley was fined $1,000,000, which he paid diligently
- As my client has been found not guilty at Appeal, a refund in the amount of $1,000,000 is requested. This fine is no longer applicable.
- As a result of the findings at Appeal, my client is seeking another $1,000,000 under the jurisdictional limit of the Court. The refund of a $1,000,000 organisation fine should not be reviewed under this jurisdictional limit, as my client is not seeking damages and is merely asking for his own fine payment to be reimbursed.

My client has suffered financial harm as a result of the trial, investigation by MCD and the subsequent appeal. The compensation sought can be quantified as follows:
- Pure financial loss of $700,000, which are earnings lost as Chief Executive Officer of San Andreas Lotto Co. due to Police interviews, Court attendance, and interviews with Legal Counsel
- Defamation of character of $200,000, for contracts lost a result of trust issues with business associates due to the proceedings against Mr Langley
- Legal fees paid to previous Counsel in the amount of $100,000 for representation at initial trial and subsequent Appeal
My client is also seeking for any Police record relating to the matter be expunged by the Court. I have been instructed that there may be further claims against the NSWPD at a further date, which will be passed to the Court and the NSWPD Prosecutors as information becomes available.

Olivia (Libby) Moretti-Capone
Barrister - Department of Justice
Do you confirm all information provided is the truth to the best of your knowledge?

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Good Afternoon all,

The DOJ has approved the hearing of this appeal.
Appeal date has been laid down for Wednesday the 19th of January 2022 at 19:00 AEST

The Judges/Justices presiding will be as follows;
Justice Morgan Freeman

If the event the Judge cannot make the appeal Justice Evan will sit in absence.


A full witness list that either party wishes to call on the day of appeal must be provided to Justice Freeman by Wednesday the 19th of January 2022 at 15:00 AEST
Any evidence provided beyond the above date will NOT be heard on the day of the appeal.


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