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Mr Mangoo

Mr Mangoo's Judge Application

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Mr Mangoo's Judge Application
Application ID #9942
Submitted on 09/03/21 at 04:34:07 AM

OOC Contact Info
Mr Mango#8022 | Steam - masondgf
Character Name
Storm Woods
Criminal Record (N if none)
Why do you wish to become a Judge?
I want to become a Judge to help people and also put people in jail and community services for what they have done, i will always be fair and I want to put everyone thought the proper system so then they can fight there cases and get rid of anyone that they need too, I also want to be a judge because there isn't many active daily and I would love to do a lot of cases and help a lot, in real life I am studying to be a Lawyer
What do you think the role of a Judge is?
I believe the role of the judge is to decide what the law means in relation to the particular cases, and make sure everyone is safe in there case and put the min time to a person and deal with Warrents that we have to sign and just to help everyone in the courts

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