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Setting up FiveM Keybinds for commands

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This is mainly for Police / EMS factions to help with quicker creation, deletion and picking up of prop items. However the same method for assigning keybinds can also be applied for any commands that you would like to assign. To do this you will need to open the console with F8.

bind <mapper> <input> <command>
Binds an input to execute the specified command when pressed in-game.

Example: bind keyboard F9 "say hi; wait 250; say bye"

unbind <mapper> <input>
Unbinds all commands bound to the specified input.

Example: unbind keyboard F9

Prop creation, pickup and removal (examples)

There are examples how to format the keybind into console, adjust the key input and command you want to assign to your preference. This could also be applied for commands such as /me Cries - /tow - /showbadge

/pickupordropprop - bind keyboard Z "pickupordropprop"

/removelastprop - bind keyboard L "removelastprop"

/createprop <item> - bind keyboard J "createprop cone" / bind keyboard P "createprop pdbarrier" / bind keyboard L "createprop medbag"

/pd-deatharea - bind keyboard I "pd-deatharea"

/pd-deathcause - bind keyboard U "pd-deathcause"

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